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  • “The Mexican Marines… Oorah!

    The Mexican Marine caught on a helmet camera of a fellow Marine was wearing a red sweatshirt for some reason as he went room to room clearing each with a yell. I just saw the video. Being a former U.S. …

  • “Rebels without a cause”

    1994 seems so long ago. So does the first Mexican shooting rebellion since the “Cristeros” (kree-steh-rohs) in the 1920s-30s that started January 1, 1994. It was the Zapatista (zah-pah-tees-stah) rebellion of the Tzotzil Maya, complete with ski-masks and a Communist …

  • “Revolt for Christ”

    Mexico’s Pancho Villa was a revolutionary dedicated to overthrowing an illegitimate government.  So, too, was Emiliano Zapata in Southern Mexico; Villa even invaded the United States to draw attention to his fight; he killed some Americans, he killed many Mexicans.  …

  • “Hispanic or American Traitors”

    “It’s not comfortable for us to do this, to call out members of our own community who don’t reflect our community values, but we have no choice,”

    Cristóbal Alex, president of the Democratic-backed Latino Victory Project.

    The Plantation Democrats have …

  • “Donald Trump Channels a Liar in Congress”

    As this article is written, American cowards are waving charges around that remind one of the drunken Senator Joseph McCarthy and his waving a “list” of known Communists in the United States Department of State.

    While then Republican Congressman Tom …

  • “Rubio v. Clinton?”

    The latest Fox News poll has every viable Republican Presidential candidate beating the presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton with Senator Marco Rubio defeating her by a runaway 8 points and Ben Carson (by 5), Senator Ted Cruz by (4), Donald

  • “Border Enforcement”

    There can be no cure to the White race’s inevitable destruction unless national border enforcement, along racial lines, is in place. This is the only way to create a system that puts an end to racial conflict and

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