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“A California U.S. Senator Chavez or Sanchez”

California has been a state in the United States for 165 years. Today the California Hispanic population, 95% of which is Mexican American, is the largest ethnicity in the state. Of the 165 years as a state California has had only one Hispanic governor – Romauldo Pacheco — who was promoted from elected Lt. Governor when his predecessor was elected by the Legislature to the US. Senate in 1875. He was later elected its first Hispanic congressman, three times. The only one until 1954.
California has never had a Hispanic United States Senator. In fact, California State was 104 years old before it elected its first Hispanic congressman in Los Angeles in 1954. San Diego was 142 years old as an American City before it elected its first Hispanic City Councilman, now congressman Juan Vargas. California has never had a major party Hispanic candidate for the U.S. Senate until now; now it has two.
Leading the pack by polling 27% in the latest recognized best poll, the California Field Poll, is Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris. Running second in the poll is Democrat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of Anaheim with 15% and running third is Republican State Assemblyman Rocky Chavez with 7%. Running fourth and fifth with 3% each are former Republican State Chairmen Duf Sundheim and Tom Del Beccaro.
Along with former Republican State Chairman Ron Nehring, Sundheim and Del Beccaro have been guilty of leading the once formidable, successful and famous California Republican Party into a grave. Not helping is the current Republican State Chairman Jim Brulte, formerly the California State Senate leader who helplessly watched the state GOP disappear before he took office.
Back to the Senate race. Due to Senator Barbara Boxer’s retirement, for the first time in history California will have a major party Hispanic to vote for in November for the U.S. Senate. The reason: California’s new top-two primary vote getters regardless of party will run off in November. With both legislators Sanchez and Chavez currently running second and third the odds are one of them will run a solid second thus making it to November. The only question is – which of Sanchez or Chavez will make it?
One would think that with one of the top three candidates being a Hispanic Republican the normally well-considered State GOP Chairman, Jim Brulte, would be leading a parade of Republicans supporting and raising money for Rocky Chavez, experienced–successful vote getter, retired United States Marine Colonel and successful state legislator so he could lock up a General Election spot and a chance at winning – but no, such is not the case.
Brulte and his fellow GOP leaders are not lifting a finger to help Colonel Chavez. If they are, they are keeping it a secret.
Chavez to the Sacramento Bee, December 9, 2015: “There’s serious leaders in the California Republican Party who are telling donors ‘don’t give to the Senate race, we can’t win… Well, that’s hurting us. It’s tough to raise money…We have a good message as a party and California needs it…Thirty percent of the population is in poverty. You have schools that aren’t (performing.) We passed a bond for water and haven’t done a damn thing for it. Stand up. This is not a blue state. This is a pragmatic state. It needs to hear our message…Let’s don’t run into a room, as my opponents (Sundheim, Del Beccaro) have done, and say ‘I got a (no) tax pledge and I am for the Second Amendment …That will ensure that we can get to just 19 percent of the state.”
What GOP Chairman Brulte should be doing is diplomatically running minor league Sundheim and Del Beccaro out of the race and raising a million dollars for Chavez. Certainly the race is a long shot but…
What would happen if Republicans can unite behind Chavez and he aggressively contests for the Hispanic vote which would normally go to half-Indonesian and half Black Kamala Harris, a bumbling Attorney General and inept statewide candidate.
Brulte may think otherwise, but Colonel Chavez (USMC ret.) can appeal to the patriotic Mexican American like no other statewide candidate in recent history. We have a war going on with Islamic terrorists. Who better to help fight that war, a Marine Colonel or a San Francisco lawyer? Who better to take on the budget battle in the Senate, an experienced military man who has worked with millions of national defense dollars or a San Francisco attorney who has hired a gaggle of political hacks? Colonel Chavez can be the first ever Hispanic U. S. Senator from California; he can be the first Hispanic candidate for the U.S. Senate. He can be these things with support from the GOP leadership, Chairman Brulte.
Now is the time for all good men and women to run to the sound of the guns; Chavez was there for us for 28 years, it’s time to get behind him with support, with money and with pride. Oorah!