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“Donald Trump Channels a Liar in Congress”

As this article is written, American cowards are waving charges around that remind one of the drunken Senator Joseph McCarthy and his waving a “list” of known Communists in the United States Department of State.

While then Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado announced that he had proof that the head of the Arizona Border Patrol Sector had ordered his agents to ignore and not arrest illegal aliens, he offered no proof.

“Proof,” Tancredo stated, he had “proof” that such an order was given by the Border Patrol official.  Where is it? He never produced it.

When Wisconsin’s Senator McCarthy charged that the State Department had 211 known Communists, he never produced the list he waved around; then, on another occasion, he claimed 280, then 200, then 250 Communists.  What was it senator? He never produced the list; he never proved his claim.  He couldn’t because he was a liar.

Donald Trump joins former Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado who joined McCarthy in the pantheon of great American political liars.

Question:  When Tancredo claimed a top Mexican official told him that it was official Mexican policy to invade the United States with illegals, where was a witness, or any document that supported his claim?  There was and is none, except in Tancredo’s brain stem. Donald Trump channels Tancredo’s wild imagination by proclaiming the Mexican government is deliberately “sending” us their worst people; that it is official policy.

Question:  Why did fellow Republican officeholders in Colorado refuse to appear with Tancredo at public events?  Because, Tancredo dodged the Selective Service draft during the Vietnam War by claiming he was mentally ill, anxiety attack prone and on mind affecting DRUGS. Trump channels Tancredo in intentionally dodging the Vietnam War draft by not informing his draft board that he had graduated. He didn’t inform the board for 18 months and when he did, some doctor wrote a letter to the board stating that Trump had “minor” heel bone spurs. Who wrote that letter, Trump’s doctor?

Question:  Tom Tancredo was not allowed in the Bush II White House, or allowed to chair a House of Representatives committee, why?  Because, he attacked the President of the United States and solutions to the illegal alien problem that he proposed. It may be a free country and Tancredo can speak his mind, but he has no political right to yell “Fire!” in a crowded political theater and expect to be invited to the White House or to be adored by his peers in Congress. Trump calls the new Republican Speaker of the House- Paul Ryan – “weak” on immigration and for “amnesty.” So Tancredo-like.

If Tancredo is correct that a Border Patrol official ordered local agents to back off, where is the memorandum?  Where is the whistle-blowing news conference of these agents making their charges?  There was no news conference, there is no memorandum.

Tom Tancredo is a liar.  He is also a loser. He ran for Governor of Colorado as an independent and was crushed. Trump should see that as his future as an independent candidate for President. Tom Tancredo is a liar like Senator McCarthy was.

Joining both is Donald Trump who offers no proof about criminals swarming the border from Mexico under orders and with official help of the Mexican government. He is also a loser that is falling further behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the February Iowa caucus. Trump may lose Iowa to Cruz and be third or fourth behind Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

Tancredo formed a Political action Committee that funded maverick Republican candidates for congress who ran against Republican incumbents. Each and every one he supported failed to win a Republican nomination or a general election. He acted like Donald Trump does when he charges he is not being treated “fairly” and may run as an independent for President.

Well known California Republican Darrell Issa publically demanded that Tancredo be expelled from the Republican Party for two reasons, one Tancredo, Issa said, was a racist and secondly, campaigning against incumbent Republican colleagues was a “bridge too far,”

Tancredo chose not to run for the open U.S. Senate seat vacated by Colorado’s Republican Ben Nighthorse Campbell for the simple reason that he knew he couldn’t convince the people of Colorado to elect a draft-dodger during time of war. As Americans are under fire today in Afghanistan and San Bernardino, one wonders if any United States military veteran can vote for Trump; after all, he shares the same cowardly draft dodging experience Tancredo had at the same time while Americans were dying in Vietnam.

What we didn’t and don’t see is proof from Tancredo and Trump that they are anything but McCarthy clones waving imaginary lists around. In Trump’s case he produces no proof that super “smart” Mexicans send us their “worst” people to rape, murder and steal. He offers not a scintilla of evidence or proof. All he offers is hot air.