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  • “VP Joe Biden – Wicked Witch Destroyer?”

    Hillary Clinton supports Planned Parenthood 100 percent. Planned Parenthood aborts babies that can survive and takes great care to kill them in a way to preserve their livers, their kidneys, their hearts, everything except their souls.

    In supporting the organization, …

  • You Too Will be Aborted

    In war, Commanders must often be callous and focus primarily on their goal of winning a particular strategy. The killed, wounded or missing are referred to as the “wastage” necessary for victory. The word wastage connotes a cold and

  • “Hispanics on Donald Trump; 84% say NO!”

    I will win the Hispanic vote…Hispanics love me…Recent poll in Nevada has me way ahead with the Hispanic vote;” so said“Presidential candidate” Donald Trump to a gaggle of reporters and their television cameras in Laredo, Texas, when he went

  • Perverting the Identity of Our Nation

    took a trip to San Francisco to witness first hand the attitude within the community of being a sanctuary city. I did not discern any preoccupation. On the contrary, all seemed to be totally free from inhibition. There was

30-Nov-2020 20:11:49