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“Border Enforcement”

There can be no cure to the White race’s inevitable destruction unless national border enforcement, along racial lines, is in place. This is the only way to create a system that puts an end to racial conflict and racial exploitation. Our unique race requires a habitat that is completely free of non-Whites. With this, there can be no compromise, but with the situation as it is, a variety of incremental steps will be needed to fix this problem. But, the end result can only be a Whites only country.” (Emphasis added)
American Dissident Voices Broadcast of August 13, 2005
Oh, they say: we aren’t racists; we only want to reclaim our country.  We want English to be the only language in America.  We protest the theft of our jobs, of our neighborhoods.
So cry the “immigration reform” cabalists that Donald Trump is mining for support. They have deeply held convictions that Mexican illegal immigrants are “invading” the USA.  If, they whine, they would only come legally, everything would be all right. Some, like Canadian-born Presidential candidate U.S. Senator Rafael (Ted) Cruz want to freeze immigration and eliminate the H1-B work visa. So much for supporting “legal” immigration.
When the Germans came, Benjamin Franklin objected and called them too stupid to learn English.  When the Irish Catholics came, the Anglo Protestants posted signs, “Catholics need not apply.”  
When the Civil War broke out (1861), Irish Catholics were handed Union uniforms and sent off to fight the Anglo White Protestants of the South who insisted that they could own people. When Anglo Protestants avoided the Union military draft, Irish Catholics rioted in New York, killed free Blacks and burned much of New York to the ground.
To solidify political support, President Abraham Lincoln appointed German-speaking amateur generals from the Midwest to keep German-speaking troops happy.  Ditto the Irish.
When the Italians came, the Anglo Protestants segregated them into Italian Catholic ghettos and nurtured the rise of the criminal Black Hand, the Mafia. When the Russian and Polish Jews came, the Congress of the United States, a 99-percent White Anglo male Protestant institution, declared no more Jews, Italians, Greeks, or Catholics in 1924.  It passed a law limiting immigration of such people against their numbers in the USA in 1890. 
By using 1890 as the quota benchmark year, they chose a year and decade in which very, very few Italians, Russian/Polish Jews and Greeks had arrived.  In other words, they simply shut down the streams of immigrants from “undesirable” Catholic, Jewish and Mediterranean populations who didn’t speak English and weren’t pure White racial and Protestant stock like themselves.
Today, Anglo-German Presbyterian Donald Trump goes
further and questions the faith of another Protestant 7th
Day Adventist. “What’s that,” he asks.
Thus started the “incremental steps” necessary to remake America into a God-Fearing certain “pure” Protestant Anglo country again. Those steps are all around us today fueled as they are by Donald Trump and his followers. 
As outlined by the racists of American Dissident Voices, “incremental steps” are quite noticeable, as are their proponents.  Anyone who can’t predict the demographic characteristics of a Donald Trump rally is either deaf and dumb or blind.
First, notice how they whine about being called racists and how they deny they are racist. Second, if they aren’t racists, why do they use the exact same tactics and words as avowed racists?
The most ubiquitous tactics used by bigots is that they lie intentionally or just make stupid statements that cannot be documented with facts. Just listen to Donald Trump for ten minutes.
Example, former long-time California state assembly and senate member Mark Wyland angrily declared in a university-sponsored debate with this writer that 50 percent of California prison inmates were illegal aliens. Knowing he would bring that up, a check with the California Department of Corrections provided the facts that less than 12 percent of prison inmates were Mexican and/or Central American and only nine percent had federally-issued immigration holds on them.
Confronted with the facts, then state Assemblyman Wyland didn’t bat an embarrassed eye.  He just kept on blabbing.  So-called immigration reform cabalists do that. They just keep talking; lying and whining how the one in 30 people in the country illegally are “hijacking” the country. The cabalists don’t worry much about the beautiful illegally-present red-headed Irish bar maids all over Boston or New York City.
One of the cabalists once blew a fuse when I stated that “one in 30” statement and “demanded” to know where that figure came from. Simple, bigot, it came from taking the total official number of people in the country and dividing it by the estimated number of illegals in the country.
These people are obsessed with reconstructing the country as an all-white entity. So, when they deny being racists, humor them for they really truly believe they aren’t.
They are bigots, however, pure and simple bigots. Tell them that. Tell them I said so. ### 
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