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  • <!--:es-->“CLOTHES MAKE THE BOY”<!--:-->


    By Raoul Lowery Contreras

    Who would have thought that an eleven-year-old boy’s singing the National Anthem at a basketball game (yes, a basketball game few people watched or cared about) would cause a firestorm of bigotry and racism unseen since …

  • <!--:es-->“A Puerto Rican Republican..?”<!--:-->

    “A Puerto Rican Republican..?”

    Democrats take Hispanics for granted and never produce any politically meaningful action such as Comprehensive Immigration Reform which Republicans have sponsored under Presidents Reagan and Bush (43).
    What’s amazing, of course, is that there are very prominent Hispanic Republicans. There …

  • <!--:es--> “No Steenkeen ID!”<!--:-->

    “No Steenkeen ID!”

    An Indian casino bar in San Diego County did not serve a United States Marine officer an alcohol drink because the only ID he had on him was his military ID complete with color photo; I witnessed it myself. An …

  • <!--:es-->“Newt Gingrich, the GOP and Sanity”<!--:-->

    “Newt Gingrich, the GOP and Sanity”

    By Raoul Lowery

    For the umpteenth time this 2012 presidential campaign, the Republican race has lurched in another direction. It is the Gingrich Paradigm based on “family values” and “humane” treatment of transgressors of administrative laws on immigration in …

  • <!--:es-->“English is Prosperity, Period!”<!--:-->

    “English is Prosperity, Period!”

    By Raoul Lowery
    Contreras covers politics like few other publications do or ever have. Unfortunately for the intelligent reader Politico s staffed by partisan hacks more interested in attacking Republicans than presenting the political state of affairs for all …

  • <!--:es-->State of President Obama’s Union, November 2011 <!--:-->

    State of President Obama’s Union, November 2011

    By Raoul Lowery

    “Along day of mostly peaceful protest in Oakland descended into chaos after midnight. Masked vandals shattered windows, set fires and plastered downtown businesses with graffiti before police moved in, dispersing crowds with tear gas and flash-bang …

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