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Senator John McCain Endorses Congresswoman Bono

Two former active duty Marines, Steve Sanchez and Al Vasquez recount “Sea Stories”

Senator John McCain often mentioned as a presidential candidate for 2008, visited the desert this week. McCain attended a fund raiser for Congresswoman Mary Bono and took time to discuss issues with an interested group of invited persons.

McCain endorsed Bono and minced no words in calling for a strong military and a strong stance against terrorists. McCain reiterated his stance on the failures of previous administrations to contain North Korea. He described how N. Korea had been controlled with a stick and a carrot; however every time N. Korea broke another agreement, they were fed another carrot by the Clinton administration. McCain concluded rewarding North Koreas’ bad behavior is what has led us to the present day major nuclear weapons proliferation conflict. Diplomacy alone does not work.

He praised Congresswoman Bono for being a strong supporter of our military men and women in uniform and for her independent Congressional votes always reflecting the best interest of her district.

McCain a downed Navy pilot, who was held prisoner during the Vietnam War for over five years, two years in solitary confinement, was very calm when talking about his ordeal. He seems especially comfortable with present and former members of the military. (Photos: Steve Sanchez, John McCain, Mary Bono and Al Vasquez -La Prensa Hispana and members of the Rancho Las Palmas Marriott banquet room staff.