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Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado Key Note Speaker for the Lincoln Club

Staff writers
La Prensa Hispana

Lt. Governor Maldonado was the key note speaker at the Republican Lincoln Club in Indian Wells this week. Maldonado was in great form and was very well received by Lincoln Club members and the many community guests who attended.
Maldonado, the son of a farm workers family related his early experiences and advice given to him from his parents. He recalled his father telling him, “When I immigrated to America, I saw there were two lines forming. One line was to collect social services and the other was to sign up for jobs, any job they would give me. I knew I wanted a chance to earn my living and raise my family to understand American values and succeed by my own initiative.” Maldonado understands it was this philosophy which has led him to challenge his abilities, to strive for success and to take a leadership position in bringing Republican espoused values to the Latino community. Maldonado related a story about a close relative who took his citizenship pledge in Los Angeles and the fact there were 40 activists immediately swarming around the new citizens to register them into the Democrat party. There were none for Republicans. This is where new citizens are immediately captured and the indoctrination starts for new arrivals. The Republican Party as a whole knows Latinos are more in line with Republican values but unfortunately Latinos identify with the Democrat party out of historical tradition even though Democrats have strongly resisted supporting Latino advancements.
Democrats resisted the equal rights acts of the 50’s and 60’s openly and since then have developed a new strategy of openly supporting Latinos but covertly undermining any progress. The big talk about immigration reform is a key example of lots of talk and no action even with a congressional majority and the white house.
Maldonado who has a reputation of attempting to work with the opposition and getting burned badly acknowledges he tries to see the good in everybody and has learned you cannot take Democrat operatives at their word. He recalled his hard fought success in becoming the Lt. Governor while the Democrat side of the isle voted against him. Even our local Assemblyman Manuel Perez stuck to party lines voting against Maldonado accusing him of not being a real Latino. “Just because your parents are farm workers, you worked in the fields, speak fluent Spanish and have a Spanish sur name does not make you a real Latino”. Commentaries from Latinos present put it this way, “Party agenda is a priority for elected Democrats and they will do anything and say anything to advance their idea of a new socialism agenda that has to be devoid of any conservative thought.”
The many Latinos present seemed to be undergoing a new awakening and coming to terms with the fact – conservative, National defense, family and work ethic more closely resembles the Republican Party than the Democrat party. There were many veteran Latinos present who proudly identified themselves as veterans and lamented the fact it is uncomfortable to identify yourself as a Veteran among Democrat circles. It was an interesting interchange of ideas. The Lincoln Club at the Indian Wells Country Club was the perfect host and the comfort level for all those in attendance was remarkable. Many candidates were in attendance and were all introduced by Michael Shepherd, Lincoln Club Chairman who is also the CEO of The Shepherd Group a local marketing firm in Palm Desert. Photos by Juan Vasquez- JV Production.