Join Bonnie and Pledge to Battle HIV/AIDS in the Desert

The 100 Women Team seeking financial support for AIDS Walk

Hello All—

On October 28, Bonnie will be joining the other members of Team 100 Women for the 19th Annual Desert AIDS Walk. 100 Women was formed as part of the Desert AIDS Project to bring influential women leaders in the Coachella Valley together to help battle HIV/AIDS.

With just over a month to go, the ladies are working to solicit pledges for the walk. The donations received will be used to provide HIV/AIDS services and testing here in the Desert.

Garcia commented, “It’s a pleasure for me to serve with the other women on our team for this cause. I ask you to join me not only for the walk, but to contribute toward the fundraising goals of the event.”

Interested parties can contribute online through Bonnie’s secure Web site—

A link to this site is also available by clicking on the Red Ribbon at

For more information on the Desert AIDS Project and its work, please visit, or for additional information on 100 Women, visit

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A message from Bonnie—

HIV/AIDS is impacting women and their families right here in our community. That’s why I’ve pushed for legislation to increase testing for women.

The statistics are alarming–in 2003, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that heterosexual women accounted for a staggering 26% of all new cases, with African American and Hispanic women accounting for 83% of these diagnoses. Heterosexual sex has been the primary method of HIV infection for women, with a growing number becoming infected by male partners who had sex with males or sex with needle-sharers.

Women in some communities, where social and cultural norms may discourage them from speaking out about their sexuality, are already at a disadvantage. In some cultures, the promiscuous behavior of male partners is ignored, and in others, seeking assistance brings fear of being stigmatized. Today, few women have the tools that would allow them to recognize the early symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

Please join me at the Walk and pledge a contribution today. Your donation will help educate our daughters, sisters and mothers about risk factors and ensures treatment programs are available locally.

Tell a sister—tell a friend.