Days to go for the election of the next president of the United States and, no one knows who that will be.
President Barack Obama had always led in the polls; he led in all polls and even started to pull away in key states like Ohio a few weeks ago.
The pro-Obama press drooled as reporters and editorial staff writers wrote Romney’s political obituary; Obama’s Chicago campaign people were experiencing political orgasms and so was Obama. His arrogance was reflected in his appearances, in speeches, in his choices of television programs on which to appear. Some, however, thought President Obama was spiking the ball too much, especially when he proclaimed over and over “I got Osama Bin Laden,” it was unseemly.
The Chicago gang that had produced TV ads that claimed Romney murdered a woman using cancer as a weapon; that he closed down steel mills after he raped the place for every dime he could and threw hundreds of white high school drop-outs into the streets. They claimed Romney walked away with millions.
The Chicago Gang at Obama campaign headquarters was sipping champagne a month ago.
It really looked like the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by Obama and spent on slimy TV ads were paying off; it really did.
But, it appears they counted their chickens before the eggs hatched or, better yet, they counted their commissions before escrow closed.
Three almost four weeks ago, Obama and Romney met in the first of three debates and despite my fear that I was too biased to declare Romney not only the winner, but the slam dunk winner who wiped the floor with Obama – to my surprise everyone else but Obama’s ridiculous Press Secretaries and David Axlerod agreed with me with a vengeance.
When I turned on the news the morning after the debate, it seemed unanimous that Romney had won by many miles.
The campaign turned, flopping about like the proverbial fish out of water and Romney’s fortunes grew every day into a surge unimaginable 48 hours before the debate.
Then two more debates in which Romney held his own. In fact, in number two, Obama came back somewhat and scored slightly higher in points on whether he “won” the debate but was tromped in whether or not Obama can bring the economy back. Most polls of debate watchers concluded that upwards of 55 or more percent of them thought Romney was better equipped than Obama to fix the economy.
Women that had rebuffed Romney during the entire campaign season abandoned Obama like no one had ever seen before starting a surge of support that cut the famous “gender gap” to almost nothing. As men traditionally vote heavily Republican, a surge of single/divorced/widowed women coming out for Romney is really significant because married women tend to vote Republican and “single” women do not.
Then debate number three and a disdainful President of the United States looked down his foreign policy nose and declared that Romney has never “executed” foreign policy implying that nothing Romney said about foreign policy was worthy of any attention.
In that smart ass mode, Obama jumped all over Romney’s lament that our Navy under Obama was the smallest American Navy since 1916. Well, the second son of God declared things have changed since 1916. We have aircraft carriers upon which airplanes land and “ships” that go “under water” so we don’t need a big Navy.
He sarcastically declared that we used “fewer horses and bayonets” now than then. He also proved he is the stupidest Commander–in-Chief in history by declaring a nuclear submarine a “ship” when he should know submarines aren’t “ships,” they are boats. They used to be called “pig boats.”
With that “horses and bayonets” and “1916 Navy” smart ass comment, he lost all Navy men and women and families, then, he lost the Marines who bought 175,000 bayonets just this year.
Then he lost many intelligent people who know that a ship can’t be off Korea, in the Persian Gulf, in the Straits of Malacca or in the Caribbean guarding the Panama Canal or floating off the coasts of Israel, Egypt, Libya, Italy or Norway at the same time.
Not all Americans are isolationists who think we shouldn’t be out in the world protecting American interests and people.
In a nutshell, Romney turned the campaign around to the point that he leads in national polls today (Gallup and Rasmussen and others), keeps the President a mile short of 50% and is either tied or slightly in front in the key swing states – with just days to go.
Will Romney retire President Obama after just one term? It looks like he might. What will the Chicago Gang sip election night –Hemlock?

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