“English is Prosperity, Period!”

By Raoul Lowery

Politico.com covers politics like few other publications do or ever have. Unfortunately for the intelligent reader Politico s staffed by partisan hacks more interested in attacking Republicans than presenting the political state of affairs for all to understand.
Politico led the attack on Herman Cain that has destroyed his candidacy though he had no chance to win the nomination. Granted that Cain was so inept no intelligent voter could ever vote for this rank amateur who couldn’t hand anonymous-sourced attacks with ten days notice. He stupidly and ignorantly waived the opportunity to rightly/forcefully defend himself.
He could have by pointing out these money-sucking women – white women — always get away with charging a man like Cain (or Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas for that matter) with unspecified sexual molestation charges that carry weight only because the target is a black man, a Negro. We all know they are oversexed sexual predators of defenseless white women, don’t we? Enough of Herman Cain and Politico, it has turned its ire and guns on Newt Gingrich who as decimated the long series of debates by intellect and representation that no other candidate has accomplished other than Mitt Romney.
Romney is a close second to Gingrich in debate accomplishment. The result of Gingrich’s Tortoise v. Hare strategy is some success; he is rising in the polls, the same polls that placed him in low single digits a few months ago.
So now Politico dips into its anonymous source bag and comes up with a video showing Gingrich making a statement that only a tattooed, pants below-the-ass jailbird father of illegitimate children who dropped out of school could possibly object to; here’s how Politico presented this nothing story by Jonathan Martin: “11/14/11 5:50 PM EST Updated: 11/14/11 6:04 PM EST With Newt Gingrich emerging as serious contender, some Republicans are questioning his fitness for a general election campaign by seizing on comments the former speaker made in 2007 about Hispanics…
Making the case against bi-lingual education at a National Federation of Republican Women event, Gingrich said children should be taught “the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto.”
“It is indicative of Gingrich’s propensity to say crazy things off the cuff,” said an (anonymous) adviser to one of the former speaker’s presidential rivals.
“He hasn’t had the spotlight on him up until recently, and I think it’s only a matter of time before he says something that’s inexcusable, nutty, or insulting.”
Here is what is insulting about this Politico tirade using an anonymous source – its stupid and ignorant to think any intelligent American Hispanic would object to Gingrich’s statement.
Are there very many successful American Hispanics who do not speak the language of “prosperity” (English) well? I don’t think so. Certainly the tattooed school drop out punks in the barrio or ghetto don’t speak it well.
Neither do young blacks who have been raised on “ebonics.” “Wazzzup?” doesn’t make it nor do “SA” or “simon.” Who gets the job, the young black man with cornrows that opens his job interview with “Wazzzup?” Or does the polite, young, Mexican American man fresh from the military with a neat haircut, shirt and tie and English that can be tested? Guess which one gets the job… English is the language of prosperity in the USA I don’t care how many immigrants come here legally or illegally.
English is the language of prosperity in the entire world. English is the language of prosperity even in Mexico.
Gingrich is right. Politico and its anonymous sources are wrong. To be clear, let me state it in precise English, the language of prosperity: Anyone, anyone who objects to the Gingrich statement that every ghetto kid, white, black or Hispanic should be taught to speak and write the “language of prosperity.” Of course to truly prosper, one needs to speak and write Spanish as well, but first, English.
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