We Have Lost Two Icons in a Single Day

September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

As I sit silently, stunned by the news Michael Jackson has died, I am moved to say a word or two. We saw Michael Jackson grow up before our very eyes. We saw him mature into a young adult we could all relate to, we saw him evolve into a figure we no longer understood. It is as though there was an evolutionary piece missing.

How did Michael evolve from the super talented black child to the persona we all ultimately knew as the Michael Jackson devoid of ethnicity? Michael was a persona who was the height of mystery, talent and showmanship. The King of Pop suits him well and there will never be another. As iconic as was Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, so will be Michael Jackson.

The world feels as if something is missing today. Farewell Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. We will respect this milestone for we will remember where we were at this moment for the rest of our life. Thank you Michael, thank you Farah for the memories no one can take from us. It was indeed a thriller of an epoch, a flash of lightening in the scope of time yet a stream of continuing memories in our pages of emotional and historical reference. God Bless!