“The Traditional Hispanic Gop Is Not Dead” “My centre is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I am attacking.” World War 1 French Army Marshall Ferdinand Foch, 1918

So here sits the Grand Old Party (GOP), the Republicans at the end of 2013 just a year after significant numbers of Hispanics (71%) abandoned their traditional 35% vote for Republicans that helped elect Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush President of the United States. Asian American voters also abandoned their normal voting patterns to vote for a fellow minority, Barack Obama. Blacks continued to abandon a solid Republican voting tradition in which almost 100% of Blacks voted republican because it was the party that freed them from slavery.
From 1865 until 1928 Blacks voted Republican, where they could vote, of course. This, was their rejection of Democrats that sponsored and defended slavery, founded the Ku Klux Klan, and voted 100% against the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution that freed Blacks. Those amendments “guaranteed” equal protection of the law and the right to vote but ran into the Democrat Party’s Jim Crow laws that buried Black rights for almost 100 years.
2012 Blacks blatantly discarded any color blind voting. Blacks voted almost 100% for half-Black Barack Obama. That will change in 2016 no matter who the Democrat nominee is. Politics is like everything else, what goes up must come down. Most Republican 2016 candidates can expect at least 10% of the Black vote.
The same is true with Hispanics voting for or against Republicans.
Obama’s support among Hispanics has dropped further than among any other group in the past year. The Gallup Poll reports that while the average approval of President Obama was 41% in November down 12% since December 2012, among Hispanics his approval rating fell from 75% in December 2012 to 52%, a huge drop of 23 points in the year. That is the largest drop of any demographic group in the USA.
After suffering the entire Obama epoch with continuous record high unemployment, the only Hispanics that will stick with Democrats are Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. They are more loyal Democrats than any non-Black groups. Cuban and Mexican American voters are less Democrat as evidenced by the only Hispanic governors in the US being Republican Hispanics in Nevada (Brian Sandoval) and New Mexico’s Susana Martinez. In Colorado where Obama romped in 2012, Mexican Americans elected a new pro-gun Mexican American state senator. Colorado Democrats are running scared for 2014.
The GOP was dead, many said after the 2012 election. Shrieks of joy emanated from the Hate Republican caucus. The cacophony of 1000-decible doomsday prognostications from the Left was deafening after the brief government shutdown they blamed on Republicans after Senator Ted Cruz’s mini-filibuster.
Unfortunately for Barack Obama and those who declared the GOP dead, Obama’s house of political cards has collapsed of its own weight. Obamacare is doing Obama in and in the process driving away young people that voted for him in 2008 and 2012. Hispanics are suffering under all-time high enduring unemployment. Asian Americans are graduating from colleges in record numbers to find there are no jobs outside of barista coffeemakers at Starbucks.
Obamacare is not the only wedge issue between Obama and Americans. We have discovered that the National Security Administration (NSA) is not only listening in on phone conversations between others offshore and Americans but are listening to and tracking up to five billion calls, e-mails and texts every day in the United States — of Americans. Obama appointees claim that these serious violations of 4th Amendment rights to privacy are made “unwittingly.” That is a lie. The man who said that, a retired general, should be prosecuted and jailed for lying to Congress and the American people.
A Harvard University poll of “Millennials,” 18-29, shows that 57 percent of millennial voters disapprove of Obamacare. Only 41 percent of millennials expressed approval with Obama’s job performance, despite 55% saying they voted for him. 52% of those aged 18-24, told Harvard pollsters that they would support “RECALLING” the president. 61% disapprove of Obama’s economy.
Situation excellent…
GOP attack!
(1). Beat Obama and Democrats with every negative Obamacare story with particular slants towards young people. Keep the issue alive. “Period.”
(2) Raise the criticism of scarce jobs with target audiences of college graduates who can’t get decent jobs and Hispanics, particularly Mexican Americans, the backbone of construction who can’t find jobs because of the sluggish Obama economy. Feature individual anecdotes of men and women with families that haven’t been able to work while Obama spends almost a billion dollars with Canadian cronies to develop a health care web site that doesn’t work.
(3) Demand that the National Security Agency (NSA) be reined in from spying “unwittingly” on millions of Americans. Demand the firing of those responsible for the massive spying and prosecute them for lying to congress.
Getting the Hispanic presidential vote from 27% to 35% is the goal, not a majority, a majority isn’t necessary. Exposing record high Hispanic unemployment since day one of Obama’s Presidency should be a daily chore of Republican candidates. Cutting young votes from 55% to 49% should not be hard when so many young people want Obama recalled and dislike Obamacare.

Attack, attack attack…!