It Takes An Awake Nation

This Memorial Day I chose to visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans, in top four of the nation. You cannot help but make comparisons with ISIS and the Nazi’s as they marched across Europe. The savagery of Hitler’s advance has now been been matched in the Middle East with the ISIS assault on humanity. Very similar to what America did at the beginning of WWII, we are making every effort to stay un-committed, as uninvolved as possible. As a nation we are dependent on White House rhetoric which time after time has proven to be delusional. During the upstart of WWII, we still had a free media, unattached to the Democrat Party who reported factual information not talking points. I paid my respects last year to Ernie Pyle, the most prolific and respected war correspondent of WWII, killed by enemy fire. His gravesite in Waikiki, Hawaii was a picture of serenity and tranquility, a complete contradiction with war and today’s contrived media.
The nation is moving at warp speed led by a hapless leader towards the false illusion of world peace. A leader who has admitted he has “no strategy” against ISIS.The only solace being the fact a new leader will be elected next year. It is up to the nation to determine to fend off evil by confronting the enemy in the Middle East or simply sit on our rumps until terrorists arrive in our back yard. Our president received the Noble Peace Prize 8 months into his first term and this has tainted his sense of conflict logic, resolve and determination. He now thinks in terms of his legacy rather than nation.
America’s General Patton of WWII, one of the most clairvoyant war leaders of our times was aptly described by the Germans as “a magnificent anachronism”. This due to his astute perceptions and ability to outsmart, outguess, out fight, outmaneuver and totally annihilate German troops. Patton was not understood by his Commander in Chief, Truman but he got the job done. Today we have a Commander in Chief who has been given carte Blanche by the press, 50% of the nation and is a genius in his own mind. Any present day magnificent anachronism is politically eliminated as soon as he so much as whispers a counter opinion.
America will soon have to confront a ruthless enemy which has claimed exemption from the requirements of civilization who imposes maximum defiance and values death more than life. As a nation we are not prepared for such an enemy, nor are we prepared with our current leadership who believes walking away is a victory. Only in a delusional mind can walking away be considered “winning” as espoused by our president this Memorial Day.
As Americans we have yet to learn to judge the intention of the lie as well as the lie itself. When you understand our leadership is more concerned with their historical legacy, not our well being, fear should strike our heart. When you understand media is complicit in carrying out the ruse, we must muster strength to validate our rights under the constitution, still the law of the land. Vote out any candidate showing any semblance of complicity, co-mingling of ideology meant to continue our path to self destruction. Media will not show you the path, our current leadership will not alter the course, only a complete change from the top down by virtue of our vote can give us any opportunity to save America in 2016.