<!--:es-->Hoop It Up Held In Old Town Indio<!--:-->

Hoop It Up Held In Old Town Indio

3 on 3 basketball contest draws good reviews

The first 3 0n 3 basketball contest drew a mixed crowd of enthused contestants. Many of the contestants looked forward to other competition possibilities and expressed a need for a consistent venue of sport activities for youth. Michael, a youngster warming up and shooting free throws, said “we really are not used to these opportunities and I almost missed this one. I think a lot of us are used to looking for fun outside of our area.

I like the idea of having something to do in our own backyard, but I don’t find much.” He continued, “I hope the city keeps doing stuff like this, it helps bring people to this Old Town area”.

Photos by Ben Saiz-Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley