Hillary Clinton and Mexican American and Other Hispanic Men…

Hispanic men will not vote for Hillary Clinton for President. Specifically: Mexican American men will not vote for Hillary Clinton for President. They might vote for her in a primary because of possible lack of any macho Democrat to run against her for the nomination, but it is not imaginable that the Mexican American men of California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado could vote for her.
Of these states, Texas is the only reliable Republican state thus if any of these states have normal Democrat voters turn on Hillary, the election could easily be swayed by these men. They voted for Obama and were betrayed by record high unemployment, Obamacare that they didn’t care for and had immigration reform ignored; they were lied to by Obama who delighted in deporting Hispanics in record numbers.
Where was Hillary while this record unemployment, record deportations and immigration indifference reigned in the Obama White House? On the road spending millions upon millions of tax dollars smiling her way around the world while the Putins of the worlds laughed at her; “reset” – Laugh Out Loud! Certainly she has lost the Ukrainian vote, the Crimean vote, the Tartar vote as a result of her smiling her way from dinner to dinner. More people live under dictatorships today than did before she became Secretary of State.
“Palestine” still isn’t at peace and is aligned with terrorist Hamas; Israel is threatened, South Sudan is in turmoil under Islamic pressure, ditto Nigeria, people are dying by dozens of thousands in Syria and her successor John Kerry has no clue. Is this Hillary’s base for running for President?
And, what of the uber-liberal U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in analyzing who may or may not run for President from the Democratic Party in 2016? Will Mexican American men who truly are part Amerindian ever vote for a phony like Warren who claims to be an Amerindian? Not likely. So we are back to Hillary.
Will Mexican American men vote for or against her because she is a woman? We already know that her silence as Secretary of State on issues that devastated them during the Obama record unemployment, or the Obama record deportations of mostly men to Mexico has not ingratiated her to these men. But, will they remember?
It goes without saying that Mexican American women will flock to vote for Hillary for their gender approach will push them to vote for her. But men are a bit different. The best example is the 1990 California Governor’s race between United States Senator Pete Wilson, Republican and Mayor Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of San Francisco. Wilson, the former Mayor of San Diego elected and re-elected three times with solid Mexican American votes easily defeated her for Governor racking up a substantial Mexican American vote, especially among men.
Certainly Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer went on to win Senate seats in California against men, but, Mexican American men and some women have not managed to accept women in executive positions. Of the four largest cities in California (LA, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento), all mayors are men. Meg Whitman, despite spending $140 million plus dollars was wiped out by retread Governor Brown when she ran for governor (running the stupidest political campaign in CA history, by the way).
Can Hillary win the Presidency without Mexican American men voting for her?
Actually, the question is will Hillary even run for President? If she does, the Democratic Party will nominate her without problems generated by Elizabeth Warren or U.S Senator Bernie Sanders, Socialist of Vermont. But will she run?
Two issues might prevent her from running; one issue is what part of the slaughter of 4 Americans at a Benghazi “diplomatic outpost” on September 12, 2012 is she responsible for and of the apparent cover-up of the slaughter that emanated from her boss, Barack Obama’s people. Secondly, her health looks suspicious, like it might prevent her from running.
We have never had an explanation of what was behind her postponing her appearance before a House committee in which she was questioned about Benghazi. The “official” word was she had a fainting spell and fell hitting her head on something suffering a “concussion.”
What caused the “feinting spell?” Can a 68 year-old Hillary Clinton physically cope with an arduous national campaign? Ronald Reagan was that old when he ran but he had no record of feinting spells and/or concussions. Is she as durable as Reagan proved to be?
Many Mexican American men were fooled by Barack Obama, will they bite into Hillary Clinton’s illusionary campaign?
Contreras formerly wrote for the New American News Service of the New York Times Syndicateillary Clintyon for President.H