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Latinos Are Not Impervious to Reality

“I am not in congress to tow a party line, I think more leaders need to put people above ideology and partisanship”. Interesting take for a sitting Latino Congressman who believes if you are a Latino, you have to be a Democrat otherwise you deserve to be ostracized . As a legitimate media who still reacts on facts rather than wishful thinking, early on in the political careers of both our Latino Assemblyman and his mirror image Latino Congressman, they made the decision to ignore those not representative of their “way” of thinking.
After all, the great majority of Latinos believe in the American Dream, believe it is the American soldier who has given us our freedom, not politicians, believe in the essential role of God in our lives, believe all human beings should have access to medical care without the multi-billion political slush funds being created to forever support a one party system tied at the hip to the failed socialized medicine policies as found in Cuba. Latinos believe in jobs, the right to work and affordable American grown gas. Those of us old enough still remember 25 years ago you made us panic about global cooling now we fret global warming, all as a way to manipulate and control us and the economy.
We are out of sync with our representatives because we are in sync with moral values and American freedoms. It matters not we are representative of the Latino community, we are representative of America. Progressives have started to tout a phrase called a “small majority” who support all of their shenanigans. What is a small majority? It sounds as if their constituency is based on, “you can fool some of the people all of the time”.
We have seen this decade after decade as it relates to the Latino community, ask any young Latino (15,000 already in government foster care) who have had their parents deported. After consistent promises from vote seeking Democrats what they think of the promise “ I will pass immigration reform my first year in office”?Ask them what they think of “ it is the fault of the Republicans” when in fact Democrats did not need a single, not one, vote from Republicans for two years. Ask any working class Latino if in fact ObamaCare will “not cost you a dime”. Ask any Latino veteran close to the Mexican border why it is easier to go to Mexico for health care than wait in line for months to possibly receive the veteran benefits you earned the hard way.
Why can we no longer trust the IRS, our own Justice Department, the VA office, NSA, department heads with the federal government, our own congressman, our one party thought representatives who repeat talking points rather than truth? There are a lot of whys in our society today and we keep being told we have a view of heaven when in fact we do, from a seat in a politically contrived hell.
As a media we still make every effort to stay true to our readership while we question where is our Latino Assemblyman, who has not had the inclination to communicate since 2008 or our Latino Congressman, who has “never” communicated with our office. We thank you for that, we have learned more about who you are by what you refuse to listen to than what you say.
Both take a cue from their leader who keeps smiling his way from fundraiser to fundraiser while the nation and the world is on fire. We are being led to their altar of diversity, diversity devoid of opinion. Some will follow you every time. Astute politicians approach Latino diversity of opinion as an opportunity not a problem.