$15 Trillion Debt and Rising

Al Vasquez
Opinion Journalist

Heading into 2012, we can expect Democrats to spend Billions of dollars to capture elections. None will be as hard fought as the Obama presidential campaign where the visible amount of campaign expenditures will exceed ONE BILLION dollars. The unseen under the table expenditures could very well exceed that. The warfare in our midst to retain POWER is immense and overwhelms all of our common senses. We now endure endless television ads, blatant lies and election marketing strategies considering it normal. Much as 9% unemployment is the new normal. Personal attacks have become common place and every conservative candidate and family become targets. Unfortunately, mainstream media more often than not has become an integral part of these assaults citing freedom of speech as their right to sling mud or mindlessly repeat the liberal tirade of the day. We are continually barraged with duplicitous diatribe eventually absorbed into our minds as truth despite the fact the real intent of these ads is the exact opposite, the destruction of truth itself.
Many of you are thinking Republicans do the same thing. In truth, excessive spending is practiced by both parties but it remains unmistakably the privileged domain of the liberal party; and misappropriation is the primary reason our economy is in the pits. The majority of Americans have no idea how they are being led to economic slaughter in the name of progressiveness. Not only being led, but actually we are in a full trot heading towards national bankruptcy and the end of national achievement as we have known it.
This week, the national debt hit $15 Trillion. For most Americans, this falls on deaf ears since no one can comprehend what that means. For one, it means the government is on a full time borrowing mode, 42 cents for every dollar the government spends is borrowed or government is feverishly pumping out money as quick as they can print it. Nine Hundred and seventy four Million dollars printed in 2010 and the presses were put on full speed ahead in 2011. To give you an idea, how much $15 Trillion is, using our current technology at our government printing press; it would take 15,400 years to print $15 Trillion dollars. The only reason we are printing in the millions is due to the fact our presses cannot go fast enough. According to “Earth: Facts& Figures, 15 Trillion one-dollar bills would wrap around the earth 58,000 times. Bear in mind earth is approximately 25,000 miles around the belly. Since Obama took office, he has increased the debt $4.4 Trillion that is a staggering 41 percent increase. Contrary to what the Congressional Queen Nancy Pelosi has stated, “Obama added a piddling amount to the debt.” Politifact has crowned Obama as the “undisputed Debt King”. The debt was $10.6 Trillion when Obama took office. As stated, it is now at $15 Trillion. This administration has no limits, knows no limits nor understands even the most rudimentary facts about fiscal responsibility. Obama was elected on the premise he would “cut the U.S. Budget Deficit to $533 Billion by the end of his first term”. In fact, FY2009 had a $1.416 Trillion deficit, the highest in history, FY2010, a 1.291 Trillion deficit and in 2011 the deficit is now $1.299 Trillion and no federal budget has been submitted for two years.
This administration is currently engaged in a massive game of gimmicks and deceit geared to dupe the population, garner votes and enhances the Obama campaign for another victory in November 2012. What America needs to understand, is that an Obama victory, whether you like the analysis or not will totally destroy our American way of life. America is becoming totally dependent on foreign entities, not a good scenario. You have the most important vote in historical terms coming in eleven months. In life we train ourselves to go from left to right; we need to extend this to politics as well. At this juncture in America the fight is between socialism and freedom.