There was a showdown this week at the White House between President Barack Obama and 17 activist Hispanic/Latino groups who think they placed enough “pressure” to make the President call the meeting to discuss immigration reform.
The result: Nothing.
President Barack Obama continues to flail away at Hispanics of which seven of ten Hispanics voted for him 16 months ago. Let me define “flail” Obama style when it comes to Hispanics. He lies to them. They believed him until 2013 when they found out how he has lied to them since he started running for President.
Obama lied to Hispanics when he told them during the 2008 campaign that he would “fix” immigration in his first year in office. With Democrat/Obama control of both houses of Congress in his first and second years of his Presidency, Obama did not seriously mention immigration reform during those two years. He didn’t care.
Nonetheless, Hispanics/Latinos abandoned Republican Mitt Romney over his stupid statements about “self-deportation” which took the spotlight away from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and her crusade to deport every Mexican she could find who had a broken taillight. Hispanics/Latinos voted overwhelmingly for Obama even as he was approaching 2 million deportations, the most in history.
American citizen children were dumped into vicious foster child programs throughout the country with absolutely no regard to their welfare. Parents were rounded up at workplaces while their children were in school; some parents were bused to the border with no notification of children or other relatives.
Border Patrol agents and immigration officers essentially “force” voluntary deportations by lying to suspects with, “sign this for the bus ride to the border in an hour or go to jail.”
Secretary Napolitano didn’t lift a finger to “humanize” the deportation scenario that President Obama is now so “concerned” about.
Coupling record Obama deportations with record high Hispanic unemployment and a siege of higher and higher college tuitions for what was an explosion of Hispanic college matriculation fees and the disaster of Obamacare in which President Obama couldn’t even oversee a Spanish language web site, Hispanics are jumping the Obama ship.
Slightly over 70 percent of Hispanics voted for Obama in 2012. Less than a year later, his Hispanic approval had plunged to 53%, the steepest drop of any identifiable group in the country.
And, now comes, Janet Murguia, President of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Before the White House meeting, she publicly charged – that President Barack Obama had earned the handle – “DEPORTER-IN-CHIEF.” She, too, was at the meeting. Reports are that President Obama did not appreciate Murguia’s label of “Deporter-in-Chief.”
As is his normal political behavior, Obama blamed Republicans for the lack of progress on immigration reform despite the fact he helped kill President Bush’s extensive efforts to reform immigration and his total lack of fulfillment on reforming immigration. He hasn’t lifted a finger to help Congress pass immigration reform.
Obama hasn’t drafted a proposal – ever — and sent it to Congress like President Bush did. He hasn’t addressed the issue on national television like President Bush did. He hasn’t called individual congressmen into the White House to personally lobby for reform. He hasn’t called Speaker John Boehner and Virginia congressman Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, into a White House meeting in which they can hammer out immigration reform that can pass the House.
The President announced to the 17 meeting participants that he had asked the new Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson some time ago that he wanted to “humanize” deportations; officially President Obama had informed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus a few days before that he had ordered Johnson to study the problem of deportations.
President Obama has resurrected his 2008 persona that worked so well with inattentive, ill-educated Hispanics who bought his sales pitch and then doubled down in 2012. He promises immigration reform and/or “humanizing” the splitting up of families by the thousands by pistol-packing immigration officers rather than simply announcing to the world that he was calling in Speaker of the House Boehner and Chairman Goodlatte to construct immigration reform that Boehner and Goodlatte can push through that they can brag about.
He won’t do that because he could care less about having the Congress pass an immigration reform bill he would have to sign into law. In a simple phrase, there is nothing in President Obama’s six years of campaigning for and serving as President that evidences any desire to reform immigration.
Proof: AFL/CIO President Richard Trumka, who with the help of then Senator Obama torpedoed President Bush’s sincere effort to reform immigration almost a decade ago and is allegedly supporting immigration reform today, was at this White House meeting.
His words to reporters after the meeting, a gruff “I said we are done for today.” Translation, like a drowning man Obama flails again, meaning no immigration reform for, — Republicans might get some credit.