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Change is our only Hope

Today Ukraine, tomorrow Eastern Europe. That is what is transpiring right before our eyes in regards to the Russian resurgence of power. These power plays did not start last month, it began to unravel once this administration backed off of Iran and placed it’s feckless, powerless approach to foreign policy before the world. The United States set a course towards weakness shortly after Obama took office. Supposedly unnoticed displays of weakness such as bowing to Middle East monarchs, giving up the space station, hastily leaving Iraq without retaining a single strategic hold to assist in controlling Iran, telegraphing an exit date for Afghanistan, dealing harshly with Israel in support of Palestine despite continued “daily” missile attacks into Israeli territory; all of these messages were closely watched by our foes. Clear to them was a display of naïveté, inexperience and a lack of commitment in support of our allies. Israel is In real danger and do not be surprised if they out of a desperate need break out and defend themselves preemptively before they are attacked by any of a dozen Middle East countries including Iran.
There is great irony in the fact every prediction in regards to Russia’s quest for European domination by Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney during the presidential campaigns is coming to pass. Obama scoffed at the Idea Russia was positioning itself to strike into soft targets and used Palin and Romney as running jokes. It was funny for Obama and his supporters then, it is not very funny now. Despite the awakening this administration is receiving in regards to foreign policy, they have not yet learned the vital lessons of playing hardball with real despots camouflaged as heads of state. Russia is more astute than your common magician but is using the same tactics. Just as Obama throws out a smoke screen in one direction and advances in another, Putin is doing the same. While the entire world is watching his incursion into the Ukraine, Putin has been busy establishing a firmer grip into United States areas of influence including ports in Cuba and Venezuela. Russian ships have been more noticeable coming into these ports and claims of them bringing in missiles and armaments for later use in disrupting the Caribbean and Central America are well founded. Obama is no Kennedy and with the cast of players Obama has surrounded himself with, the United States is perilously close to becoming nothing more than the proverbial paper tiger.
The perception of weakness has already had severe consequences and it will take years of a strong firm leadership to erase that. In these recent years, it has been clear friends of Russia have fared much better politically than friends of America in the Middle East. Egypt is a prime example, not only have we lost a key ally in the Middle East, but Israel has lost a key partner in defending one of its borders. Syria survived a pending collapse by partnering with Russia. Iran escaped U.S. Sanctions by cuddling up to the Soviet Union and Obama even released 5 billion dollars worth of previously tied up assets for nothing in return; Again a show of weakness destined to give Iran enough time and money to complete their nuclear weapons ambitions.
America has spoken twice and has elected to stay the course of dismantling our leadership role in the world. Domestic policy is just as bad. The health care revision has been a complete failure by any standard, unemployment remains at unacceptable levels, the economy is at a standstill and as a nation our government continues to spend a trillion dollars more per year than is coming in. We have borrowed money from China to the extent they now own 25% of our GDP.
Come 2014, we as America must take serious consideration of voting out of office the party which has controlled our nation for the past 5 years. Despite the fact the House of Representatives is today controlled by the opposition, it means nothing with the Senate and the White House acting as road blocks. In the Coachella Valley we have a Congressman who has voted in a party line 97% of the time. It is serious time to look around and acknowledge the chaos we have been slammed with. We need a leadership change in 2014 and let us hope it is not too late.