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Clean Cities Holds Conference In Palm Springs

Officials in the forefront of bringing clean fuels to the desert were in attendance at the Clean Cities Conference held at the Palm Springs Convention Center this week.

Sun Line Transit was present to demonstrate their new clean fuel burning hydrogen mass transit vehicles. General Manager C. Mikel Oglesby heads Sun Line headquartered in 1000 Palms as the General Manager. Oglesby was brought in from Massachusetts by the Sun Line Board of Directors to head the Coachella Valleys’ transit program and give Sun Line stability as it heads into the new fuels era.

The Agua Caliente Tribe was represented by Chairman Richard Milanovich. The tribe supports the project and were sponsors of the event. Representatives from Ford Motor Company leaders in Hydrogen Fuel concepts were also present represented by Vance Zanardelli, Chief Engineer, Hydrogen ICE and Chris Morrisroe, Sustainability Communications.

Photo taken by Ned Redway: Palm Springs Mayor Ron Oden, Ford Representative, Vance Zanardelli, Ford Representative Chris Morrisroe and Agua Caliente Tribal Chairman, Richard Milanovich.