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Perverting the Identity of Our Nation

took a trip to San Francisco to witness first hand the attitude within the community of being a sanctuary city. I did not discern any preoccupation. On the contrary, all seemed to be totally free from inhibition. There was an air of inter- nationality, the side walks, shops, restaurants, waterfront, taxi’s, all countries were represented. No evidence existed the populace had any concern about harboring law breaking undocumented immigrants.

San Francisco had the feel of a city intent on showcasing the principles of freedom as they understand it. The most obvious example was a group of bicyclists wearing nothing more than the required bike helmet. I was stunned by the oblivious concern. I came to terms with the fact normality is self imposed in a city which turns a blind eye to whatever “you” may think is intolerable. Little progress towards banning sanctuary status can be made within a city which allows eye brow raising freedoms. Forcing it to drop the sanctuary status would have to entail federal mandates with financial disincentives. Sanctuary cities have been a force used for change since the days of slavery. There is documented historical perspective which confirms sanctuary can and will change a nation.

With the national leadership we currently have where open borders is the goal to pre-capture Democrat votes, little progress can be made. This president has shown a willingness to disregard the constitution, congressional responsibility and flaunt his regal self imposed privileges. Congress has exposed it’s own weaknesses and allowed us to peek behind the false front of Republican control. In fact congress allows back scratching unison with unfettered questionable deals. Congress counts the votes before they are cast and representatives in danger of losing their base are “given” permission to vote against a bill already having the needed majority.

With Obama having centralized power and the last say with a veto, our nation is assured continued domination with political ideas that are often opposed to the values of our nation. Politically prescriptive rather than liberating.

While conservatives believe our current leadership is inevitably toxic, the uninformed masses have taken over the thought of this nation and will continue to be a major force. Liberals have no displeasure with the terms “activist” or “organizer”, conservatives for reasons of their own, do. We are now living in a country which has taken a definitive turn left. Becoming, a heavily politicized, freedom sucking nation. We have a president whose ultimate goal is to change our nation to fit his image rather than the nation drafted by the constitution. Democrats use the government itself inclusive of all the sycophant department heads to ascertain traditional notions of limited government are repelled before any seedling thought of individual freedoms takes root.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1788, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield , and government to gain”. The last seven years have seen a massive acceleration towards that prediction. Unfortunately we ourselves have conspired to achieve that goal. We have allowed our teaching institutions to ridicule, downplay and disregard teaching the principles of freedom; to the point advocating such is now passé

By acquiescing to foreign cultures, we are ascertaining as a nation we will be ruled by political ideas. Many of these ideas are brought in from at war, turbulent cultures destined to take root in our backyard. I should add “currently failed cultures” since historically, in past civilizations many of these backward nations represented the future of mankind.

As a nation we are getting lulled into accepting law by “like”. We have a president who rather than ruling by constitutional principles and rejecting the unconstitutional has convinced the majority they are synonymous; “things I like” versus “things I do not like”. We have seen a deviation from being a nation of laws, not men, to one where even the judiciary conspires to inject personal views, not serve as a higher judicial power.

Obama stated on MSNBC, “I did not break the law, I merely expanded my authority”. With no authority to do so, he is not to blame. We as a nation and our congressional representatives are to blame, for sitting on their congressional rumps while our constitution is shoved aside.. We, the voters conveniently bastardize our understanding of what is being said and are just as culpable for perverting the identity of our nation.