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You Too Will be Aborted

In war, Commanders must often be callous and focus primarily on their goal of winning a particular strategy. The killed, wounded or missing are referred to as the “wastage” necessary for victory. The word wastage connotes a cold and calculated horror and is based on a disregard of human cost. If we reflect on this common ideal of war, we find a curious acceptance within our country. Acceptance of wastage in multiple aspects of life.

For many veterans and participants of war, this callousness becomes noticeable. The anguish is more intense among those hearing about or reporting the conflicts than the participants themselves. Perhaps it is the drama and full terror of those in the action which takes time to evolve. But, evolve it does. As in war, so in our social communities, the carnage will in time surface. For some as a disregard for human life for others as a compelling reason to find God.

There are many facets within our society which compel acceptable wastage. For example, it is estimated one man dies for every floor added to a skyscraper but it does not rise to the level of public interest. The wastage is acceptable.

Today, we have a nation, in particular a majority segment of a political party who have allowed all of us to firsthand witness the horrors of wastage and see for ourselves how insensitive and callous we have become as human beings called a society.

It has been recently revealed Planned Parenthood alone has participated in 6,831,368.1 abortions, 1970 – 2011. Planned Parenthood unapologetically sells body parts of aborted embryos to the highest bidders. Videos showing negotiations and a dissection to clarify which parts cost how much were graphically aired on television this week. The Senate led by the Democrat Party in mass refused to defund such practices and is allowing the selling of aborted body parts to continue. The financial gain from wastage is conclusively locked as necessary for women’s health care. The White House,Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid and Democrat Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi have voiced strong support. Through 2011, (58,138,985.4) human beings have been aborted, 17,441,519.1 of them were “black” babies. For those who have difficulty with numbers, that is over SEVENTEEN MILLION, black aborted babies. Do black lives really matter? Depends on what party you belong to. For those below the poverty line, Latinas lead the way. Money is the top deciding factor.

In attempting to establish reason, it becomes obvious the value of life increases in proportion to the number of votes your particular voting block can generate. This gives reason to why non voting unborn humans get no respect while the potential for voting undocumented immigrants is a standing fact.

Despite our good fortunes in establishing a legitimate civilization we have amassed an appalling insensitivity and disregard for life itself; regardless of the fact we are made in Gods image. We have not made life valuable onto itself. We have not accepted it as a gift we should not wantonly waste. As long as we have politicians who intentionally confuse the objection of the taking of a human unborn as a war against women, to provoke government to sink more money into an immorality, we as a nation deserve no better. We now find ourselves becoming an abortion among nations. We have no leadership, we are abandoning our real allies and finding obscure places to dump our traditional understanding of a higher power. We are abandoning secular religion, morality, traditional values, family, our patriotism all in favor of a radical political party tied at the hip with Socialism. Contrary to a popular misperception, as a nation we have the obligation to convert our military strength into legitimate and necessary preparations for defense. Terrorism while denied, has reached our soil. We are at the precipice of allowing our freedoms to become wastage in return for being liked by Iranian Ayatollah’s.

We cannot further weaken the natural American instinct towards personal freedom and the demands for defensive readiness. As a nation we must come to terms with the fact we too are becoming “acceptable wastage” and there is one obfuscating political party in particular which is leading us there. Wake up America before you too are aborted in return for their political power.

Think honestly about the 2016 elections.