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Cahuilla Desert Academy Has Parents Institute Graduation

After completing a nine week course, parents who attended the Parents Institute course of instruction held at the Cahuilla Desert Academy received their graduation diplomas.

The Parents Institute was founded by Vahac Mardirosian an Armenian who was raised in Tijuana and immigrated to the United States. He started the Parent Institute For Quality Education in San Diego in 1987. Since its inception, the Parents Institute has trained over 335,000 parents.

Parents learn the skill necessary to encourage the academic success of their children. As a result of the training, core groups of those studied have shown that parents who take the training provide their children a ten times greater chance of attending a college or university.

The ceremonies held this past Tuesday were very well attended and many of the parents gave their heartfelt thanks for the opportunity. The Mayor of Coachella Jesse Villareal, Maria Rios a member of the CUSD Board and Estela Palacios, Principal of the Cahuilla Desert Academy were joined by the Ramos family after the ceremonies. Over 300 persons were in attendance. Photo courtesy of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley.