Benoit Show Teaches Children to Fend Off Predators

Available Free by Calling Office

RIVERSIDE — Assemblyman John J. Benoit (R-Palm Desert) today announced that copies of his Capitol Report show featuring “Safe Escape,” aimed at educating children on recognizing threats from unfamiliar adults and how to safely escape is available by calling his office and requesting a copy. They are free of charge in DVD or VCR format.

A 31-year-veteran of law enforcement, Benoit collaborated with fellow retired law enforcement expert Bob Stuber to produce a show containing abduction escape demonstrations and real life scenarios children may find themselves in. Examples of the simple advice Stuber offers to children include running in the opposite direction of a car whose occupant attempts to lure a child closer. A child caught in a car may try to disengage the ignition or step on the gas pedal when the car is at a stop sign, hoping to bump the car into another vehicle. “Survival is all about stringing smart choices together,” Stuber said.

“Stuber’s teachings have saved countless children from would-be predators and child abductors,” Benoit said. The show has been recently featured on cable television stations across Riverside County.

“With recently released double rapist David Allyn Dokich living in Mead Valley, and the arrest of Joseph Allen Duncan III for the abduction, molestation and murder of 10 year old Anthony Martinez, Safe Escape’s timely broadcast is another step aimed at teaching area children how to avoid dangerous strangers,” said Benoit,

“Having seen that kind of tragedy and sharing that kind of grief with the parents – it was an ordeal that never leaves you,” stated Benoit who as a commander for the California Highway Patrol was part of the investigation that led to the discovery of Anthony’s body in a remote canyon near Indio.

The half hour long segment teaches children clues on recognizing unsafe situations, how to avoid them, and what to do when they feel threatened. Most important, children are instructed on how to quickly and safely escape the situation and seek proper help when a threat is realized.

Assemblyman Benoit’s office can be reached by calling 951-369-6644.