Battin Announces Endorsement for Russ Bogh

Senator Jim Battin (R – La Quinta) announced today his endorsement for Russ Bogh to fill his seat that will be vacated this November due to term limits. Battin, who has been in the legislature for 14 years, has always been in the forefront of conservative leadership. Battin released the following statement today at a press conference held in Palm Desert :

“I love Riverside County , and have been extraordinarily privileged to serve the constituents of the 37th Senate District for a long, long time.

The voters of have confirmed with me time and time again that what they want is a state government that is fiscally responsible – that doesn’t spend more than what it can afford. They don’t want to pay higher taxes due to the bad judgment of legislative spending excesses. They want their children to be safe and they want them to get a good education. They want criminals to be punished – they do not want a revolving door in our prisons, and they do NOT want felons to be released early.

I have spent my career fighting for those priorities. I believe the people I represent have recognized that and that is why they have continued to let me serve them. I am profoundly grateful for that support, and want to leave them with the very best that they deserve – which is why I am endorsing Russ Bogh for the 37th Senate District.

Russ Bogh is a rock-solid conservative Republican with a proven record and I am proud to support him. He has consistently voted against budgets that do not reflect the priorities of our district. Sadly, there are Republicans in the legislature that have forgotten their constituents and made ‘deals’ that do not reflect our priorities. They have become ‘Gray Davis Republicans’.

During his time in the Assembly, Russ wrote important laws, and authored significant legislation dealing with public safety, securing our border, lowering taxes and keeping our government accountable. Russ has also been a part of the Republican leadership in Sacramento . He was elected as Republican Caucus Chairman because he was recognized by his peers as a leader and someone they could trust to keep his word. His constituents recognized that same ethical quality in him and elected him again and again.

If the voters in the 37th District want strong, conservative representation they can count on, then their best choice is Russ Bogh.

I am confident Russ Bogh will make a great Senator – and I’m proud to vote for him.”