A President is Born

A President is Born


he consequences of a redefinition of clarity during this election year were manifold. We reached the point where the majority of mainstream media believed as a matter of faith, there was one politician, Hillary, deserving the right to rule us all. In opposition was mainstream America frustrated with seeing their nation collapsing into divisiveness , frustration, and always giving away our world standing to rogue nations. It became too much to accept as a nation. The result was a unanimous demand for a political rogue. While Democrat loyalists proclaim Hillary actually won the popular vote, an analysis of counties definitively shows Trump swept the nation leaving only the populous, gullible, highly minority regions of California and New York to Hillary. Middle America rejected Hillary with firm decision.

Today, forty days after the fact, Trump has not yet been granted a full cabinet, every step he takes as Commander in Chief is lobbied by dead wood Democrats in Congress, contested, delayed, stalled and protested. There is also lingering resistance among Republican Godfathers who openly demonstrate they do not see a “presidential” Trump. Making no bones about the fact they would rather lose to the Democrats than follow an unconventional, independent minded, self funded, established, successful Republican, non-politician billionaire. Annoyingly, these Republican stalwarts , McCain, Graham, Kasich, Bush and now Issa along with fellow make believe conservatives have trickled their way into our political consciousness. Conservatives are split into status quo and make America Great Again factions.

Anti-Trump advocates both Democrats and Republicans are still jiggering with the rules at every step to eliminate Trumps success in uniting a fractured nation. This country may have changed significantly and demographically since its founding but the spirit and purpose for which it was founded did not.

Trumps speech before Congress was a rebirth, unequivocally presidential, sincere, focused and relevant to our times. A clear contrast to Obama, a fast talking, suave politician who convinced the majority he knows better. While the nation slept, a lackadaisical, entrenched attitude prevailed amongst our representatives, the elected body who bands together and makes “their” survival the prime focus of any decision. That is why a Trump presidency is still rejected by career politicians.The nation however is waking up from their self induced political slumber.

The Democrat Party has become entrenched into a quagmire, where the objective is turning our nation into government controlled entities. Behind the scenes, Obama is still pulling the strings. This week Democrats elected the leaders of their Party. Elected was a former Obama cabinet Socialist to lead the DNC. His first command decision was to select an avowed Muslim to be his confidant and second in command. No media mentioned this fact, the general populace never picked up on this slight of hand and the intent to fundamentally change our nation from being predominately Christian.

As a nation many believed we headed off road, into the woods and were becoming lost in the midst of terrorism, malfeasance and bewildered leadership. Conservatives have a key strength in the ability to look at any issue with a dispassionate eye and appraise it for what it is. The Republican wing of the electorate finally accessed, appraised and is now attempting to claw its way into the political mainstream with a new found anointment by the American electorate. It is ,difficult for many to accept a leader who does not fit the mold of politician as we are used to.

The State of the Union address this week by president Trump revealed a focused president Trump we had not seen before. A president who spoke of unity, “our” nation and an

achievement oriented togetherness totally contrary to what we have. Producing a nation dedicated towards unity was unexpected and left Democrats in particular dumbfounded unable to applaud or stand even for the most mundane of proposals. Supporting Israel, equal rights, lifting the ghetto out of its misery, providing quality education for all, increasing our national security, supporting law enforcement, supporting and enhancing our military, fixing our roads, securing our borders, the list was endless yet sadly our elected Democrats could not get off their butts or even acknowledge with a clap of hands. As a nation, subliminally, we pay attention to blundering obstinacy and Democrats lost this round.

Our new found President Trump excelled in presenting himself as the re-born president we were looking for.