“A Hispanic Solution Towashington Follies”

President Obama refuses to negotiate with Republicans on the Continuing Resolution to finance government spending yet he talks with a longtime terrorist liar, the new “President” of Iran and kanoodles with Bashar el Assad of Syria who kills people to stay in power.
He does not negotiate with Republicans who his gofers refer to as “suicide bombers” and “terrorists.”
Here is a Hispanic solution to the immense crevasse that exists between Obama and the House of Representatives that best reflects America:
The House has sent a compromise continuing resolution (CR) that makes two adjustments to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare); they are: Delay implementation of the Act for a year and ending the job-killing Medical instruments tax.
Senate Majority Leader under orders from the White House says no, that is not acceptable. The President says he won’t negotiate.
How about this: The Senate by a bipartisan 68 to 32 votes has sent S744 to the House that is the best Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill ever constructed by the Senate. Many in the House do not want that bill voted upon by the House because it would pass that bill (with some adjustments to be sure) and send it to conference with Senators for fine tuning. Some of these members are obstructionists, some racists, some anti-immigrants, some Mexican haters and some very stupid people.
In some cases, some of the people who are adamantly against the Senate immigration bill are the same people against Obamacare. Let’s assume that the 20% of the Senate against immigration is matched in the House or 40 congressman, maybe a few more. Then let’s assume Obama really cares about immigration reform like he says he does. Then he should order Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to sit down with John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House, and make this offer:
If the House will schedule a guaranteed vote on the Senate Bill that is irreversible, he will schedule an irreversible vote on the CR and allow Senators to vote their conscience as Boehner would allow House members to vote their conscience on Immigration Reform.
Then, and only then, could we see our congressmen and Senators act like they are supposed to; i.e. –in the best interests of the United States of America. Will Obama endorse such a deal?
Probably not. He is more interested in political points and trying to destroy the Republican Party than he is in a deal. He is against immigration reform, he is against free trade, is against school accomplishment by Hispanics and rising graduation rates as manifested by his vendetta against vouchers for kids in failing schools.
The man never attended a public school yet he allows public schools to sentence millions of Black and Hispanic urban kids to a lifetime of poverty, crime and illegitimate children.
No, Obama is a party of one living on NO.
1. Can he give us any reason why Obamacare implementation cannot be delayed by a year considering he has personally approved thousands of waivers to large business and Labor that put off implementation?
2. Can he justify giving big business a waiver yet demanding that millions of individuals be forced to do what business is not?
3. Can he explain how business after business is canceling their insurance programs forcing their employees to seek out their own insurance?
4. Can he explain why insurance companies are pulling out of states en masse rather than offer products in certain states like California?
5. Can he explain why the majority of jobs created in the past year are part-time jobs, not the full time jobs necessary to bring us out of the job recession that has existed since July 2009 when the Recession was officially over?
6. Can he explain why the Congressional Budget Office projects that after ten years there will be 30-3-million uninsured under Obamacare?
7. Can he explain why the critical Spanish-language option for online applications for Obamacare are not ready? Hasn’t he had three years to figure out that minor little disaster?

8. Can he explain why Mexican companies and American subsidiaries of them are not allowed to participate in his insurance scheme when they could produce products easily understood by the millions of Spanish-speakers in the USA?
Most importantly, can Obama explain why his program isn’t ready to go this week as mandated by his 2010 law? We don’t even know if the millions of illegally present aliens are covered or not by this law.
The Democrats in Congress obeyed their Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vote for the bill before they read it. Well, Mr. President some people have read it now and it falls short.
Let Congress work this out; stay out of it, Mr. President, you aren’t capable enough to do anything but say no. ###
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