“The community speaks and we report”

The voters who participated in the poll at Voto Latino have compiled a set of numbers which predict the following winners:

Presidential Race- the winner in California:

Obama – Democrat

45th Congressional District Race:

Mary Bono Mack – Republican

80th Assembly District:

Manuel Perez – Democrat

Indio City Council Race:

Lupe Watson and Glenn Miller

Coachella Mayors Race:

Eduardo Garcia

These are community votes, non scientific and represent two weeks of polling with over 7,000 votes. On Tuesday, the 5th of November, we shall know how these numbers reflect the actual voting pattern for the Coachella Valley. La Prensa Hispana does not either support or dispute these numbers, “The community speaks and we report”.

We thank you for your participation and look forward to include some challenging questions in the following weeks. If you have a suggestion for questions, please submit them to La Prensa Hispana via is the first web site in the Coachella and Imperial Valley dedicated to monitoring the pulse of the Hispanic community.


John McCain is the clear winner among military personnel

Experience, trust, honesty, honor and love of country stand out as key traits for McCain. Numbers clearly dispute claims McCain is lacking Veterans support.