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Time like Reality is Fleeting

I had a great discussion this week with very holy people that left me in puzzlement. It started with the fact Pope Francis will be expediting the sainthood of John Paul II and Pope John XXIII. The road to sainthood has to be certified with confirmed miracles; like the Nobel Peace Prize which was given to Yasser Arafat and President Obama for their bringing of peace to the Middle East. I guess five minutes of peace is better than none. It takes about that long for terrorists to reload the pressure cookers.
John Paul II caused at least two people to heal while John XXIII performed a miracle of miracles. A miracle we could definitely use today. Pope John XXIII is credited with the “economic miracle” of transforming a Post WWII Italy from devastation to an economic power. It is actually called the “economic miracle,” so we look forward to our own president being in line for sainthood soon; just before the 2014 elections. His anti Catholic Schools stance and his pro abortion insistence for all Catholics may offer a little bit of resistance, but not much. Catholics are too trusting. Using a role model Catholic, Democrat Vice President Joe Biden as an example he is a staunch abortion advocate and ALWAYS sides with abortion enthusiasts. A quirky big smile, a blink and a nod seems to be all it takes to take the anathema out of Catholics using their taxes to kill babies. Three hundred and fifty thousand last year, but who’s counting? As I have said, allow newborn’s to vote Democrat and abortion will end tomorrow. Joe, wants to be your next Catholic president. Catholics are being divided to be conquered and they do not even know it!
A must see: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=vVN2MMuiedI&feature=sdig
While the religious discussion was centered on sainthood and my personal admiration of Pope Francis, we did wander off a bit and talk about how the recognition of other Gods is strictly forbidden and against the law of the real God. “Well” I injected, “we all honor other Gods every day, including you”. “I do not” was the quick response. “Perhaps you may not consciously know you are, but you are”! “Believe me, I would know”. Intrigued now, I asked “what day is today?” “Tuesday” was the response. “Did you know Tuesday is in honor of the God of War, Tiu, in some cultures they use the planet Mars as his symbol?” “Humph” was the response. Certainly, every day starting with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all are in honor of some God or a planetary object that represents them. “Well, that has nothing to do with me”. “Okay” I said but it left me with a clear understanding of how we as human beings can be so oblivious to what is before our very eyes and live every day. We seem to have no compelling interest in comprehending what we are living. We become indifferent to reality and live a plan somebody else, somewhere along the line laid out for us. We function with unconscious agreement.
I added one more thing to totally cause consternation. “Have you noticed the time we keep is not based on ten, it is based on six?” “No” was the response, “time is time”. “True, time is time but why are all segments of time divisible by six?” There are “Sixty seconds, sixty minutes, twenty four hours, fifty two weeks in a year, twelve months in a year, etc.” Originally, every aspect of time had to be divisible by six”. “WHY”. “Because, 6 was a mystic, magic number”. Curiosity perked and the response was “does that have anything to do with 666”? Now I shrugged my shoulders and said “I have no idea, I just wanted to cause you to question where you’re at”. The segmentation of time is a manmade invention. I thought I heard a distinct “moron” as they walked away and I shouted “hey, I still need to talk to you about the months, they don’t make sense either.”
I do not think I made a friend on Tiu’s day, but after all it is the day of recognition of the God of War and maybe there is justified merit to the warring story. I think I’ll just keep my mouth shut on Tiu’s days.