This Land Belongs to Those Who Work It

Benito Juarez once said “The land belongs to those who work it”. Similarities can be made with our layered generations where many today are enjoying the fruited inheritance of their parents, grandparents or past relatives. Many of these elders toiled long and hard to be in a position to leave assets to their survivors. Regardless of the value, most of us had a helping hand up in education, real estate or relative assets. Survivors who never worked for what they have enjoy these fruits with little recognition of the hardships endured by others to obtain them. We hear daily of wealthy brats who squander their families wealth, who care little about the slavish efforts, the nose to the grindstone ethics, the doing without the luxuries, miserly spending to pad their accounts. Those who have inherited the wealth do not treasure the real value.
The very same thing can be said about today’s leadership of our nation. Those running our nation today have done little to acquire our freedoms, they have done little to protect our nation over the decades, and they have done little to understand the ardent efforts and determination it has taken to preserve our freedoms. The essence of what is missing, the citizenry is cognizant of; yet, unwilling to admit the fact our leaders today toiled not to render our constitution, toiled not to establish our Bill of Rights and toiled not to bring this nation into power. Today we have leaders who willfully squander our rights, who intentionally diminish the Constitution and aggressively fight to withhold the constitutional rights established by our forefathers. Investments we inherited based on the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment have been systematically attacked lately; not by our enemies but rather from our own leadership who no longer value the hard fought rights through sweat and tears of our fathers. Nuances are found to create opportunities to eradicate our basic freedoms. Make no mistake about it, our safety is secondary, their quest for limitless power is the primary motivation.
The citizenry of today living similarities of inheritance and thinking little of the hardships involved in securing wealth either personal or as a nation are more than willing to accept these invalidations and swoon over make believe idols who have mastered the art of political dialogue, deception and chicanery. We cherish their opinions because we ourselves as a nation with the exception of our veterans, who have placed their lives between us and the enemy, have done little to put our values where our mouth is. Our leaders speak a good tale of freedom but cower in the face of terror not even being able to call it what it is. We actually prosecute our soldiers who kill our enemies in the field of combat; we label inside our armed forces terrorists as “perpetrators of work place violence”, and not the wanton killers they are. We seek to mend fences our enemies are intentionally tearing down faster than we can replenish and we keep “giving” money to those who use these funds to fund the same groups who seek our defeat and death. What we call outreach the enemy calls stupidity and validates their belief we are meant to be destroyed as a world power.
Many in today’s America cannot see the divisive nature of our own leadership. The rich against the poor, the blacks against the whites, those dependent on government against those who are not, union members against non-union, the non-religious against those who cherish their faith, Progressives against conservative values, the divisiveness we have grown to accept is astounding and it is not getting better, it is getting worse.
America is ready to squander its wealth because those who lead us have no value for what others have toiled for. We are slowly giving up our freedoms because we see no value in having them. The irony is our freedoms are like the air we breathe; you can’t see it but just try and live without it!