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The Greatest Musical Theatre Value in the Coachella Valley!

Presented at the Indio National Date Festival

Continuing the tradition, the oldest and largest musical production in the Coachella Valley returns for the 62nd Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival with a cast of nearly 70 local actors and actresses and another original story derived from the Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. The nightly musical starts at 6:15 p.m. each night of the fair, February 15 through 24, 2008.

This year’s production will take you along on a Royal Vision Quest as Aladdin unwittingly uncovers the mystery of the Heart of Agrabah and finds true love in the process. Facing intellectual challenges, running a gauntlet, battling a 35 foot-long dragon and more, Aladdin proves he is ready to rule while foiling a plot by his friend to take control.

This remarkable tale mixes contemporary humor with classic folklore, special effects, dancers, singers, and live animals that, together, will have you laughing, crying, oohing and aahing while being thoroughly entertained. All this for the price of fair admission makes this the best musical-theatre entertainment value you will ever hope to find.

Arrive early to be sure you don’t miss the special Salute to America with local school Color Guard participants and Armed Services representatives beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the same Pageant Stage.


A mature Prince Aladdin is set to take over as the new Caliph of the town of Samarkand. In accordance with tradition, though, Aladdin must successfully complete a Royal Vision Quest before he can become the new Caliph. As this is announced to the townspeople who, loving Aladdin as they do, welcome the news with excitement, Aladdin’s heart is just not up to the task. The age-old question will I ever find my true love? weighs heavily on his mind. A visit from a mysterious fortune-teller who shows Aladdin a vision of the love that will be his is all it takes to turn the tide and give Aladdin the motivation to go and succeed on his quest.

What can stand in the way of a man’s search for love? His best friend Casib, the Grand Vizier’s son, who has grown up with Aladdin and been like family, but who, along with his father, have been plotting ways to someday take the kingdom as their own. Aladdin’s newfound motivation forces Casib and his father to move quickly and enlist the assistance of Zahia, a former Royal Sorceress with an axe to grind. Zahia is sent to get rid of the problem – Aladdin – in order to pave the way for Casib to go on the Royal Vision Quest and become the new Caliph.

Not being all she used to be in the powers department, Zahia merely turns Aladdin into a young boy by accident. Little Aladdin, now Ali, convinces the unknowing Casib to let him come along on the quest. They proceed through a series of tasks and challenges in which they face genies, witch doctors, warriors, and even a 35-foot-long dragon! While Casib cowers at every turn, Ali bravely faces and completes each task. Once Casib thinks that they have nearly completed the quest – which he believes is to take a heart-shaped jewel to the town of Agrabah – he calls for Zahia to take Aladdin to the dungeons of Samarkand so that he cannot tell others that Casib did not perform the tasks himself.

Casib proceeds alone to the desolate town of Agrabah to present them with the heart-shaped gem which he believes is the answer to all of their problems and will be the successful completion of his Royal Vision Quest. He is met with anger and rejection from the townspeople who believe that he is mocking them as they are suffering the loss of their beloved Princess Dunyazade. Realizing he made a mistake, and that Ali might figure out the truth, Casib rushes back to Samarkand – but is too late! The jig is up!

What becomes of Ali? Who will become the new Caliph? What is the true purpose of the Royal Vision Quest? What is the Heart of Agrabah? Is What? even the right question? Just like Scheherazade and the Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, you’ll have to wait for another night to find out – the night that you attend the 2008 Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival’s Nightly Musical Aladdin and the Heart of Agrabah!