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Surviving on a Single Can of Hope

For the past six years we have been subjected to living on “Hope and Change”, sixty three percent of our nation now hopes it will change.
As we approach this extremely important mid-term election, we must all bear in mind voting for our convictions will be the most important aspect of our vote since WWII. During WWII America actively fought and died to keep our sovereignty, to keep our freedoms and refused to be saddled with Socialism or Communism. We won that war only to be subjected today, 70 years later with internal strife, inside operatives who have weaseled their way into our political leadership and are now intent on vanquishing our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our only means of maintaining a free society; accountability. Our current leadership is no longer accountable, they know nothing, they hear nothing and they do nothing in regards to preserving our “inalienable rights”. Today, our constitutional rights have been conveniently and intentionally turned into an American preference versus a Conviction. The difference is life or death. Over the centuries, millions have died over their convictions, especially religious, while few are willing to die for a preference.
This is a prime reason our current leadership is totally befuddled on how to handle Islamist-ISIS. Our current leaders do not know the difference. WWII is too far removed from our leaders understanding and those in power are arrogantly naive delving into historical facts to understand. ISIS is fighting for their “convictions,” while this intrenched Democrat administration is fighting for their “political” preference. How absurd is that? It is not absurd, it is the epitome of ignorance.
Last election we experienced several levels of naïveté not the least of which came from the so called “tea party” who withheld their votes to teach “not conservative enough” conservatives a lesson. These tea party hold outs OWE this country, they owe this country for the 2million votes they could have cast for the Republican candidate on a national scale but intentionally did not. Giving us Obama for a second term. They owe us for the tens of congressional seats conservatives lost including here in our backyard for holding back and allowing lock step Democrats to seize control and walk away with our future.
As Americans we are similar but not the same. Who we are is comprised of what we accept and what we live. We cannot claim to be conservative and accept allowing socialists to take over our country with the passive act of not voting. As we head into socialism the arrogance of a few will affect how we ALL live. This election, we need to vote for our convictions, not our preference. As the saying goes, “you can lead a human to knowledge but you can’t make him think”. All conservatives are not the same but it is more comfortable to lament while still free than to lament stripped of your civil rights in route to a socialist nation.
On November 4th, let us all come together and vote for those who represent conservative values. We must not abandon the notion the constitution means what it says.