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Senior Inspiration Awards Honors Rosa Dolores Torres-Martínez

The Senior Inspiration Awards Luncheon held at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort this week eleven recipients. Among those honored was Rosa Dolores Torres-Martinez from Coachella for her many, many years of community service. Martinez, a LVN, retired from Eisenhower Medical Center only to become more involved in her community. She delivers food to the needy and works as a resident nurse at the Coachella and Thermal Senior Centers. She volunteers with the Coachella Friends of the Library, the Coachella Catholic Church and two local schools. She is a volunteer translator for the Eisenhower Medical Center Diabetes Program, Kids Camp and Center for Healthy Living volunteer.

In her spare time Rose finds herself reading, sewing involved in photography or taking care of sick animals. In receiving the award, Rosa said ” When you reach outside of yourself to help those in need, you will learn a new way to love.”

Photo: Rosas’ daughter Jessie Ann Chestnut, who followed in her mothers footsteps and is a registered nurse, Senator Jim Battins’ Representative Susan Crawford and Rosa Dolores Torres-Martinez.