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Reckless Abandonment of Truth

By name, it is assumed the Democrat Party represents Democracy. In truth, they are emasculating democracy. Their flirtation with Socialism crept up on many who no longer recognize the party of their fathers. Today’s democrats bear no resemblance to the many democrats who fought for our nation and cherished honoring the red, white and blue.
The Progressive Party over the years has snuck out on a partnership with America. A partnership which stood by the principles of the constitution, God and country. In today’s leadership, those three tenants are continually being violated. While Republicans as a symbolic gesture may protest and question our nation moving left, it is short lived and hollow. Both parties in general conspire to pass legislation which will cost our nation in liberties or monies. Republicans can no more hide their bluffs against the democrats than Obama can hide his bluffs against Putin.
The nation is at a critical juncture heading into Socialism with Hillary at the helm. Statistically, 44% of the nation is satisfied with the democrats being in charge while 44% think a Republican would do better. This leaves Independents representing 12% of our nations voters who have the power to guide our nation forward or to the rear. Traditionally, more Independents vote Democrat than Republican.
If democratic governance can be defined as a choice made by the people, then the decline of democratic governance is an observable fact. There are many nations that still comply with the requisites of periodic elections but they become one-party states. We are on the verge of allowing democrats to follow suit through which the electorate merely confirms selected rulers and gives them the mandate for whatever changes to our constitution or procedures they wish to implement. In today’s leadership we need look no farther than the questionable variety of “Executive Orders” which totally by-pass Congress and change our nation in the blink of an eye.
Many nations that used to offer their people genuine choices are now governed by the military or dictatorship. We in America do not have military governance, the opposite is evident, our leader has animus towards the armed forces.
We suffer from a leader with unfettered arrogance, compelled to demonstrate authority despite what many think is a lack of understanding of our constitution. The truth is, it is evident he understands our constitution. The tenants of the constitution are intentionally being violated and abandoned.
A slicker semi charismatic persona with a political pedigree able to draw upon minorities, women (52% of voters) and those who consider themselves disadvantaged is being groomed by the democrats. A rose petaled noose to ensnare a vulnerable populace. Enter Hillary Clinton who comes armed with a severe case of untruthfulness, historical connivance and no compunction to slay the anti-socialism enemy who she has clearly identified in her own words, “Republicans”. Many would relish the thought of getting a twofer lying combo, a former president Bill Clinton and the new president, Hillary. Just what America needs to be gifted for Christmas 2016.
Aside from the intangible damage we are experiencing with our current president, the combination of the two presidencies one after the other would insure no retreat. Hillary is in debt to Obama for convincing Biden not to run, signaling on national television to the Justice Department there is no evidence of wrong doing in reference to Benghazi or the private E-mail server. The FBI under the Obama Justice Department intentionally moves at a snails pace and ultimately will never make her accountable for lying to the American people. If one wants to give free rein to a morbid imagination, we have only to look at history where Roman emperors appointed their successors with contrived Senate approval.
We must question any government no longer able to protect lives, guarantee liberty and facilitate the pursuit of happiness. America is now looking for outsiders for leadership. Enter Trump and Carson.
Democrats plan to win in 2016 utilizing collective confusion. Pretend investigations by the FBI are no more than advocacy lacking real analysis. “The evil that men do lives after them”,