<!--:es-->Real Immigration Reform is Long Overdue<!--:-->

Real Immigration Reform is Long Overdue

Many Latinos are still enthralled by Obama and the current administration. Latinos seem to be vulnerable to promises un-kept with the thought there is always tomorrow.
Few recall it was Reagan, a Republican who good or bad gave the last amnesty. Millions of Latinos, most of them with parents made legal by Reagan are now Obama supporters and now chose to believe a Democrat will ease their pain. There is no history of that. Even civil rights were opposed by Democrats and it was Lincoln, a Republican who freed the slaves. I would root for the Democrats too if I believed the massive PR meant to elicit the Latino vote of ONE MORE TIME, “this time I really mean it, period”. A state of Fantasy only works at Disneyland.
This week Obama and first lady Michelle even went to the hunger strike protest in support of immigration reform. Obama totally supports immigration reform. I do suppose he forgot he made the promise to pass an immigration reform bill his first week in office as president. That was five years ago and he cannot blame the Republicans because Obama had the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House under his control for TWO complete years. The question is what happened? What happened is immigration reform was swept under the carpet until Republicans took over the House majority and Democrats had a scape goat with no real intention of dealing honestly with immigration reform. You might ask why he would not want immigration reform when 80% of new immigrants would vote Democrat. The reason is they would not be able to vote immediately and there is a bigger payoff in staining Republicans as anti-immigrate bigots. Despite the fact a Senate bill for immigration reform was passed, the House refuses to act on it and Republicans are again blamed for the inaction. What Latinos will never see and would never understand is the fact the Senate immigration bill passed by Democrats is LOADED with pork another word for packed with frivolous money. This is money for organizations, entities, districts and people, nothing to do with immigration. But, if the House passes the bill out of Latino pressure, even Las Vegas gets $100 million for PR. Keep them coming to those casinos, “we love Latinos” will be the new catch phrase. President Obama insists on being the “outsider” as if he has no control over this immigration issue. “It is the Washington establishment who must be moved”. He conveniently forgets, he is the leader of the Washington establishment and what’s more, he is responsible for the 2 million already deported and the 20,000 kids sent to foster homes because the guardians or parents were deported. The kids were spared deportation because they were born in the United States; I bet these kids are relieved only their parents were sent back! It is a fact many arrived home from school to an empty house and no sign of parents or guardians for days until they figured out what happened. I have seen these deported masses on the other side of the border living in cardboard boxes incommunicado due to lack of money, no knowledge of where their kids ended up and lack of any assistance to tie families together. Do we need immigration reform? You bet we do but what we need most are honest politicians who can think more about the TRUTH and less about Latino votes to win elections. I can personally attest to individuals on both sides of the border who have labored for 14 years trying to legally immigrate and have not been able to do so thus far. Fees, paper work, nonsensical stand in line for years restrictions and lack of real answers is a major problem. Is it any wonder they jump the fence? Latinos believe in dancing to the music being played and magically suspending belief to fit the story they are being fed. They keep protesting against Republicans not wanting to believe it is their own party of choice who has let them down.