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Rabobank, Active in Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Coachella Valley

Joaquin Serna Gomez, V.P. of Rabobank in Coachella shares a moment with Fernando Silva, Executive Director of the Hispanic Chamber-Coachella Valley. Rabobank is preparing to be the hosts for a forthcoming members and community networking opportunity in October to be held at their Coachella location.

Rabobank in Coachella is located at 1492 S. Sixth St., 760-398-5000.The bank continues to make strides within the Hispanic community by providing services in a bi-lingual fashion and addressing money management needs. Aside from checking, savings, cashiers checks and safety deposit boxes, the bank is available for consultation on many types of loans or investment opportunities. Rabobank is versatile in dealing with personal or business accounts.

Joaquin Gomez is looking forward to addressing your banking needs. Rabobank has in the past sponsored the International Hispanic Awards and is a continuing member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Rabobank wants to become an educational opportunity for the entire aspect of banking within the community in a bi-lingual fashion.