Puertas Hispanas Marks Third Anniversary On Line With Hispanic Image Award

www.puertashispanas.com or www.thehispanicvoice.com

Puertas Hispanas.com focuses on the community newspaper La Prensa Hispana originating in the Coachella Valley in California.The number of hits received by the local on-line newspaper averages 5,000 per day. “The audience is from across the world,” states Al Vasquez, one of the creators of the magazine style newspaper. “I think it is partly due to the original concept in the way the entire Coachella Valley section of the newspaper is reproduced including all the ads as they appear on those pages. This allows advertisers to see their ads in the context of the pages surrounding their advertising.” Vasquez adds, “we daily receive correspondence from readers in such places as Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Japan and even Hong Kong. We often wonder what the reason is they are reading the newspaper in such areas so far removed from the Coachella Valley but it just goes to show how the inter-net has opened up a world market with multi-millons of users. The world-wide web concept is really incomprehensible for most of us”.

There are links being established with Puertas Hispanas that allow advertisers in La Prensa Hispana to create the opportunity for those visiting the newspaper to follow through and also visit their web-sites.

In recognition of the journalistic success through the newspaper La Prensa Hispana along with the web-site, Puertas Hispanas, Ana Rascon Vasquez and Al Vasquez are being recognized with a tribute at the 9th Annual Inland Empire Hispanic Image Awards on October 6th, 2006. This is part of Hispanic Lifestyle television and Hispanic Lifestyle magazine founded by Richard Sandoval.