“Promises, Promises”

The President of the United States woke up the other day and decided he was going to kick-off the 2014 national election campaign with another fling at class warfare by lecturing us on “income inequality” and putting some American minority and poor communities into “promise zones” to alleviate crushing poverty.
Originality, however, is not an Obama long suit. Rather than a new innovative program he more-or-less resurrected a long-discarded a Republican’s solution for attacking poverty and joblessness with job creating zones. The Honorable Jack Kemp, former congressman and vice-Presidential candidate created “Enterprise Zones” 30-years –ago that Obama’s plans eerily resemble.
They sometimes work and sometimes don’t. But key to success is the participation of people who are the entrepreneurial and management classes that those who decry them don’t understand and viciously criticize for keeping wages down so they can get rich at the expense of the poor. The people they don’t blame are the ones that objectively may be more responsible for poverty than the rich by most measures.
Pinning responsibility first starts with examining where poverty exists.
One commonality of these places is that most of them are controlled by President Obama’s own party, the Democrats and have been for decades if not centuries. Another commonality is extremely poor public education.
Southeast Kentucky coal producing counties are pinpointed by President Obama for help of his “Promise Zones” and this is one state that has been in poverty even when coalmining was at its zenith. Kentucky has been run by Democrats since the Civil War ended in 1865.
San Antonio, Texas is also listed by Obama for help despite being in the heart of the Sun Belt where unemployment is lower than in the Midwest or Northeast. San Antonio is now run by a young man named Julian Castro that Democrats think might be a future candidate for President.
Los Angeles, like San Antonio heavily Mexican American, is listed despite the county being one of the largest manufacturing concentrations in the country. Los Angeles has had Democrat mayors for over 50-years with only one exception and regularly provides Democrats with victory margins of 300,000 votes or more.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the only eastern city chosen by Obama. It too has a Democrat mayor and has had them for decades. The city is predominately Black.
A Choctaw Indian Reservation in Oklahoma is listed by the President for help. Amerindian reservations have always been hotbeds of poverty as the Indians have been fed and housed by the Federal government since we rounded them up and organized them into reservations in the 1800s. Naturally, the federal government chose terrible places for reservations, provided terrible schooling for Indian children, worm-ridden food, non-tillable land and just enough welfare to keep the Indian from starving. Certainly Indian casinos have made life more than bearable for some but they are but a handful of the entire Native American population. The Choctaws obviously don’t live well or President Obama wouldn’t have announced help for them.
What about the city that used to be the heart of American industrial might, a city that used to number almost 2,000,000 million people (700,000 today), a city of industrial giants, a city mired in crime, poverty and with thousands of abandoned dangerously wild pit bull dogs, a city with without city street lights, police that may or may not show up to crime scenes, ambulances that may or may not show up for emergencies, a city in bankruptcy; what about Detroit?
Poverty and income inequality are not new and they were worse 50 years ago when Democrat President Lyndon Johnson announced his War on Poverty but after spending trillions and billions of dollars in the war on poverty we find huge pockets of poverty, a growing percentage of poverty and large communities and populations left in the dust. Detroit is just one example of a Democrat city run down by Democrats.
Show anyone an American city in poverty, a city falling apart, a city of hopelessness and populations of poor Whites in Appalachia, Blacks in every large city and Hispanics in most big cities in which they live and anyone can see that the mayors of these cities, these poverty-racked poor cities and counties, are Democrats. It has been for decades upon decades.

I wonder why that is.