Mexican Hat Dance Immigration Solution

President Obama’ s end around game bypassing Congress to issue amnesty by calling it something else is nothing more than another con game. Obama is doing a Mexican hat dance intended to gather the Latino flock around his foot stomping solo and bind them to the Democrat party forever more.Immigration with a how much can I get away with mentality. A hat frayed by dance heels we can deal with. However a presidential trampling of our constitution sets a precedence with repercussions for generations to come. Congressional legal challenges take years to resolve, decades to decipher; meanwhile our nations future is destined to arrive bearing the consequences of egotistically driven political mandates. The current constitutional power grab is only using the immigration issue as a rouse to obtain powers never before held by a president. Obama has just assumed the power of assigning to himself the authority to declare what is legal and what is not for the entire nation.With the stroke of the pen he can now declare any illegality legal. He can pick and chose what violations will be pursued and which will not. For those against governmental gun control, this spells “prelude”.
This week Obama has delved into the overtime issue of businesses and has prepared an executive order to give overtime pay to as many as 10 million workers he sees as being exploited. By changing titles and classifications of “management” Obama through unwritten law mandates will assume control of classifying who is a “real” manager and who is not. Managers are generally not privy to overtime. Government imposing regulations on business is nothing new and many will just yawn this one away. Not being noticed is this administrations ever concentric circles spiraling around our Constitution and Capitalism placing an inescapable burden on the cost of doing business. Once this vacuum is created, government will be there to “do it better”, fitting in nicely to the Obama rhetoric “if you have a business, you did not build that”.
Both Reagan and Bush signed Executive Orders in regards to immigration “after” the laws were passed by congress in order to make it less of a burden and more comprehensible to abide by the law. Totally different than making law.
There is little discernible difference from either party in understanding immigration reform must be dealt with. The deadlock is in the process of evolving. Republicans concentration is on border security to keep this continual infiltration controlled while Democrats first priority is to give them citizenship rights and assure future votes. The latest Amnesty ploy by Obama is already being scrutinized to allow for health care benefits and citizenship rights with voting privileges being close behind.
Latinos are vulnerable to the liberal Pavlovian response and their reaction to this fraudulent Amnesty,makes clear Latinos will have to experience the perception of these new found freedoms before they know or understand what it really is. The masses of undocumented Latinos largely base their understanding of the wave of the wand decree on their level of dependency, not rational thought. Laws make our nation, wand waving does not.
For many Americans, Obamagration is part two of ObamaCare. Obamagration as he has stated is not amnesty. “If you like your plan, you can keep it”, you can’t. As Joseph Campbell states, the human mindset creates a mythogenic zone where we create or destroy belief systems, we oftentimes enslave ourselves with concepts true only within our own minds. Obama has mastered this notion and is playing it forward. If you believe it, he has got you. Many are about to find out voting for a new master does not make you less of a slave. Abandoning the precepts of our constitution will not make us more free.