Meet Manuel Perez

I was born in Indio and raised in Coachella and Imperial County. My parents met working in the fields and instilled in me the values of hard work, determination, respect and service to others. They taught me that a good education paves the path to success.

I worked hard, attended public schools, continued to UC Riverside, came home to teach, then earned a Master’s in Education from Harvard University.

My wife Gladis and I are raising our boys in Coachella, and they attend the same schools that I attended as a boy and where I now serve as a Coachella School Board Trustee.

As a Member of the School Board I secured $250 million that created good jobs in the Valley and built new state of the art schools and modern classrooms for our children, and I push to raise expectations for our students, to emphasize academic achievement as well as character building and life skills.

As healthcare director, I have worked tirelessly to provide healthcare for children, to ensure moms have access to prenatal care, that seniors get the medicine and work towards expanding health coverage for everyone in our district.

Growing up here, I know first hand that residents of our area still face many struggles. Costs of living are soaring, healthcare and gas prices are skyrocketing, good jobs and economic opportunities are scarce and schools need improvement. I’m running for the State Assembly to bring positive change to our area.

As your State Assemblyman, my priorities will be economic growth, stronger schools, expanded healthcare and environmental protection. I will serve you, guided by the values of my parents, to work as hard as I can to create opportunities for you.

I’ll roll up my sleeves, put my head down and focus on fixing the problems for our area – problems that others have neglected for too long.

I am asking for your support. Please mark your calendar and take time out of your busy day on November 4th to vote for me, Manuel Perez, for State Assembly. And I promise, I will work every single day for you.