Latinos are not homogeneous One belief does not fit all- We are Not anti-Israel

Drawing conclusions about Hispanics in the United States can give the not informed a misconstrued perspective on what we really think. Most readers are totally ignorant of the fact Hispanics are comprised of 20 Latino sub groups. If you live in New York you may think you know Hispanics, you don’t. Most New York Hispanics are from Puerto Rico, nothing like a Mexican. If you live in Florida, you may think you know Hispanics, you don’t, Floridian Hispanics mostly came from Cuba, nothing like a Mexican. If you live in California and your next door neighbor is from Argentina, you may think you know Hispanics, you don’t, nothing like a Mexican. If you live in New Mexico and were raised among Latinos, you may think you know Hispanics, you don’t, Latinos in New Mexico have been there since the birth of Christ, nothing like the Mexicans you know.There are many similarities among Latinos but even our foods and music are different. We are as varied as the stripes on pinto beans. We may all look alike, but we’re not. In the Coachella Valley where I live, 68% of Latinos come from Mexico, 32% of us are from the other 19 different Latino nations.
There are many surveys, polls, commentaries or blogs that totally miss the point on who we are. Even Latinos are led astray about what we think. I receive daily correspondence because some unknown expert statistically determined that I support this or that. I am always taken aback by such arrogant nonsense. Obama for example has Shakira as an influential Latina advocating for Latinos in favor of his candidacy. Shakira is from Columbia and cannot legally vote in the United States but Latinos are supposed to follow her lead. The same goes for Latino radio personalities, Latino television commentators and news anchors all of whom are being used to convey to us questionable, false, political rhetoric. Ninety nine percent are spewing talking points.
Just this week, I was told, as a Hispanic, statistically, I am anti-Israel. Someone crunched some numbers and came up with a disjointed conclusion wherein all Latinos are lumped together. This is the same nonsense which keeps Hispanics chained to their misfortunes. Statistically, we are all Democrats and Catholics. The fact we are all anti-Israel comes from the same misguided dogma super imposed on us and carried throughout our lives as the gospel truth. The real truth is many, many Latinos have Jewish ancestry and it was beaten out of them by the conquering empires of Hispania lands.
In the United States, statistics reflect 56% of the population as a whole supports Israel, for Hispanics the number hovers around 48%. But, bear in mind, this takes into account 20 different Latino national sub groups and 12 million undocumented. A Hispanic from Spain is not going to have the same reflections on Israel as a Hispanic from Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba or Mexico. Many Latino nations have a heavy Islamic population which aggressively taints thinking. When Democrats play loose with their warm support of Israel, it is these numbers they are looking at for votes. Divide and conquer. Why support Israel? The answer is quite simple, moral integrity and supporting the only democracy and trustworthy ally we have in the Middle East. Only moral depravity would compel anyone to be anti-Israel knowing their history. Staunch Christians need to remember Christ was the Jesus they cherish, but HE WAS A JEW! There is no question the Middle East is complex, spanning thousands of years of wars but do not drag Latinos into this as being anti-Israel. Latinos have suffered many of the same indignities as suffered by Jews, perhaps a smaller scale or perhaps the same scale if you include the elimination of ancestral South American civilizations by Catholic emissaries from Spain and Europe. In any regard, American Latinos are NOT categorically anti-Israel. Beleive it or not,we are smarter than that!