If Clowns Can Run our Country

Progressives have brought absurdity to the extreme. There is now an actual movement intent on banning “clowns” who make fun of Obama. Of course the first order of business is to conveniently forget the times former President George Bush was made fun of. If you cannot remember any of the puns by the likes of Leno, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Bill Maher and hundreds of comedians against Bush, you have lost all hope of redemption. There was even a book and movie on how to kill a president.
Why is it always different when it comes to this president? Oh, he’s black. Can you be completely honest and understand he is just as much “white” as he is “black”? All his blood relatives on his mother’s side are white. All his blood relatives on his father’s side are black; Perhaps a bone of contention to loyalists, but the truth. He is not the first black president; he is the first half black president so we still have a challenge ahead of us. Bill Clinton was the first black president according to mainstream black leaders who gave him the title.
It is extremely difficult to believe the same God who has endowed us with reason, intellect, a sense of being and a sense of humor would really look favorably for us his creations, go chasing after “clowns” for doing what clowns do. Only “progressives” could possibly find an argument against lightening up when someone on their side is getting the ridicule end of clownisms. There have been suggestions clowns should go to sensitivity training. People who advocate death to the unborn but alive inside their mother’s should go to sensitivity training. People who outright LIE to America about legislative bills and policy need to go to sensitivity training. People and within the term people we include politicians who profess to be preserving our constitution while making every left turn towards revoking our civil liberties need to go to sensitivity training. The President revealed on the Jay Leno show “we are not being spied on by NSA”. This week we learned an audit revealed there were at least 2,000 confirmed spying’s on American citizens in the United States by NSA. Liberals claim it was all accidental as are the IRS incidents. In a few weeks, we will have the other shoe drop where we will find the 2,000 accidental spyings were co-incidentally members of the conservative opposition, well, now that will include a clown.
It was David Henry Thoreau who said “there are thousands hacking at the branches of evil while only one is hacking at the roots”. This entire clown incident which includes launching a secret service investigation of the clown is a classic example of hacking at the branches; completely ignoring the hacking at the real injustices such as the outright lying about the IRS, Benghazi and NSA only three of tens of so called “phony scandals”. Calling them phony scandals by a chorus of progressives does not make it a cantata. The intolerance of real clowns and their clownish antics is the epitome of a superiority complex. Democrat legislators in Missouri who have launched an attack against rodeo clown-hood are a bunch of clowns themselves. Worse, they are oblivious of the fact. Rodeo clowns take on real bulls; dishonest politicians specialize in giving us the “bull”. Give them the red nose.
The more you rail against Bozo, the more you become Bozo!