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Digesting the Pill of Arrogance

Where there are no expectations, there are no disappointments. The anguish in our nation is derived from the fact so many had such high expectations of our current leader. As we heard the speeches, the grand standing, the majesty of our first black president, the country lay motionless filled with the greatness of triumph. The messiah had finally arrived. A simple wave, a smile, the heralded, trumpeted announcement of arrival and nations would swarm at his feet. Wars would end, religious rivals would finally see the truth and the world would merge into a family of contentment. The odyssey began with our president launching an apology tour speaking to world leaders, bowing to dignitaries who hold the notion women; gays, children and non-Muslims are evil weaklings. Regardless of their medieval thoughts about humanity, the president’s apologies prevail; he lays back and awaits the fruits, the keys to the kingdom. He retreats from war, relinquishes his stance of maximum security, high surveillance and unbroken vigilance. Those he has addressed notice our messiah has no conceptualization of life as it exists on this planet. He has no experience dealing with the reality of foreign affairs and the lamentable truth of the ascent of evil. The minions meant to swarm at his feet have now become the minions who will be used as fodder; beheaded, shot from pseudo theological cannons aimed at the very core of humanity and what we as a nation are resolved to protect.
In advancing his cause, we have been led to believe personal freedoms are not essential; our acquiescence of relinquishing our most protected freedoms is “no big deal”. Who needs self-resolve, who needs privacy, who needs self protections, freedom of speech and the right to determine our own future. As a trip to Disney Land can change a child’s perception of reality, so has our adventure into “Emperor-Dom” changed our expectations of reality. We no longer hold privacy as special, we no longer expect politicians to speak truth, we no longer elect our representatives by what we know to be true but rather by what they say. Unverified, unsubstantiated and oftentimes pure fabrications meant to end run our constitution. As a nation we no longer find validity in our founding document, not because we do not hold it dear in establishing who we are as a nation but rather because it has become irrelevant. It has become an appendage much as our appendix, who knows what it is for? Pages are ripped from our constitutional archives and tossed into the bin of political expediency. He who holds the power holds the keys to our future and for now, he who holds the power is the savant willing to give up who we are, who we have been and is apologetic for who we have become. “One nation, under God with liberty and justice for all,” are mere words not worthy of a serious thought. Words derived from our yesterdays, not meant for the 21st century and certainly to be eliminated from our midst along with fossil fuels, honor, truth and the veracity of what we have been taught to believe. Self sufficiency and judgment of people based on individual merits with respect has been tossed out the window and we now join the parade of being provided for by a benevolent government who promises to give what it has no right to give. A government who can only live through our contributions, our labor and our good will.
Over the centuries, other generations have been placed in antagonizing positions involving wars, carnage, floods, famines and plagues but they have survived through their own perseverance, cunning and principled values of life and sharing. We have been turned into takers who now expect free gifts from government, which are not free. We are led to believe it will not cost us a dime. Exactness decries it is costing us a fortune in future incomes. Monies we have not yet earned and perhaps never will in which case others will pay for our good fortunes.
These are the ironies of the circumstance we find ourselves in and it stems from mindset. We keep believing in political parties who take us for granted, have no accountability, can say what they need to say while we remain silent. We are the creators and inheritors of our own demise. The party in power excels in taking us astray and has an ass as their symbol of the clan, which faithfully follows their every breath! Politicians have been reduced to a mindless mix of buzzwords and clichés and we have been reduced to nothing more than a digesting pill for arrogance and deceit.