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Oblivious of Breach of Trust<!--:-->

Congressional Representatives Oblivious of Breach of Trust

Four Hundred and thirty five Congressmen and one hundred Senators are elected to represent the United States. Plus One Vice President and One President. Five hundred and thirty seven representatives with earnings of $10,740,000 per year plus hundreds of thousands in benefits per year and life time retirement after two years; each with thousands of staff to relieve their heavy workloads. Despite being the highest paid legislators in the world, they will not come together to free ONE decorated Marine veteran being held illegally in Mexico. A united voice is too politically sensitive for them to consider. When coming to the defense of a decorated combat American veteran, still under obligation to the United States, becomes a political liability, AMERICA should be incensed. America should be fuming at the callous ineptitude of our representatives. Americans can withstand the pain of losing certain freedoms but we are experiencing the pain of a permanent change to our freedoms.
Just this week, four Mexican police committed the same crime as Sgt Tahmooressi. Four Mexican police wandered across the United States border, weapons and all. They were arrested lost, meandering around in the United States. They were processed and returned to Mexico. Who trusts the Mexican Police, many of whom are known to be connected to the cartels? So why not trade them for Sgt. Tahmooressi? Our inept government is clueless as well as incompetent.
United States representatives with the exception of a few who actually take to heart their oath have shown the world a picture of weakness unrecognizable from the America we once knew. Do you actually believe a President Reagan would be hemming and hawing about bringing Sgt Tahmooressi home? Unfortunately, a great number of our voters today have no recollection of Reagan, a Republican, much less Truman a Democrat. Both exemplified the strength which can be brought forward when wimp hood is set aside and American citizens are protected by their leaders as elected to do.
Few elected representatives have come forward and voiced their opinion, much less gather as a united force and demand his release. Why? Why is our own President silent on the issue? Why has our own Congressional representative, Raul Ruiz not moved on his own instead of waiting for the Pelosi nod? Why do we even need representatives who operate as puppets and will only dance to the tune of their party? Are they not OUR representatives? Or are they now the Presidents representatives much like mainstream media? By every indication, Obama has decided Congress is irrelevant and he chooses to bypass them, ignore them keep them ill informed or simply pretend they do not exist as the third branch of government. The most appalling aspect of this equation is the willingness of hundreds of our representatives to abdicate their power and allow another branch of government to totally usurp their authority. We have arrived at the point arrogant Federal government Department Heads refuse to respond to congress, refuse to answer questions, destroy incriminating evidence, refuse to abide by the constitution and those in positions of legal authority under Obama such as U.S. Attorney General Holder, refuse to take any legal action to enforce the constitution. The Senate under the control of Democrat Harry Reid, blocks any attempts to constitutionally save America from becoming a pseudo monarchy.
This current administration functions under the convenient umbrella of constant “ surprise”. Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the Veterans Administration scandal, the middle east chaos, the Benghazi murders, the present day Iraq revolution, the Sgt. Bergdahl terrorist exchange backlash, the Sgt Tahmooressi Mexican conflict, the hundred thousand children flooding across the Mexican border from Central America and Mexico, everything is a surprise. How did America function before governance by surprise? Five hundred and thirty seven representatives is apparently not enough representation. Democrats will want to double the congressional budget and double the number of representatives in the false belief this will also double their willingness to act as the guardians of Americas freedoms. The simple solution is to act as Americans now, representing their COUNTRY instead of only representing their party.
Lau Tzu said” New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”, I can only hope a ending is what we are witnessing and we will see a new beginning in November 2014 as we elect real representatives into our congress and senate. Representatives who see America as it’s symbol the eagle instead of the helpless pigeon it is being turned into.