Change your Mind, Change your Life

Over the years, I have read plenty of books, attended seminars, classes, presentations, lectures,the course in miracles, etc. which I now know clearly teach, “as we think so we become”. As individuals, we define ourselves. A self made millionaire is no different from a self made scoundrel or a self made bum, except in mindset.Over the course of our lives we buy into belief systems and often fallacies about life, religion, intolerances,right/wrong and these lead us to structure our mindset in such a way as to be counterproductive in completing our gestalt, our purpose in life and our true destiny. Many live life in the shadow of others, in anguish or defeat only because they never dare or pursue to be who they are capable of being. There are many in untenable relationships, in dead end jobs, controlled by others or simply in a rut and have never defined their purpose in life.
As we begin a New Year, it is a great time to treat it as a new beginning. Change in your mind will lead to your defined purpose. You must start by addressing it in your mind. The biggest obstacle will be yourself. There are literally millions of people who have lost those 50 pounds, have garnered their college degree, moved on to real employment and the first step was the biggest. Accepting the heart felt decision of “now is the time”, a change in the way you think, plus constant affirmations such as “I can do it” and never waiver. Each time you express, “I can’t do this”, you are right, you can’t, because you have already closed off your mind for the accomplishment. You are the final arbiter of any decision even the emotional choice of becoming upset or not becoming upset. Never give away your power, “only you can decide how to respond”. Be sincere and very explicit when visualizing a desire. Do not simply say I want a new car, you must see it clearly and define it in detail. Color, make, year, accessories, everything. Otherwise you will get just what you asked for, just a car which may not be what you wanted but never expressed.The same applies to relationships, be specific, clear and never waiver. Every time you waiver, you confuse your universe provider and will get nothing or another clown you would question as to “ why did you send me this loser”? It sent you what your confused mind was thinking.
All self help courses, lectures, classes, schools, Religious Science, point in one direction, it is all in your mind including healing and you are the chauffeur. It is a learning experience. We all make bad decisions and mistakes often times blaming others until we realize we are the one choosing each path, look into yourself and you will find” I am the only one in here”. You are born alone and you will die alone and along the way you understand “ every hello ends in good-bye”, be it ten minutes or one hundred years, we will all part ways. Accept yourself and do with your life now what you came here to do with your life. Most think it is a random life we live because we do not understand we are also a part of nature, the universe, a complexity of order with nothing impossible. If we define the end result we want and we find we do not get it on our time schedule you have to believe, it is because “it is not the end yet”. The universe is exactly on time! We agonize because we are conceited enough to actually believe it is on our schedule. We see the physical things we assign as the universe, the course of the moon, the sun, tides, planetary movements and believe we are an exception, we do not even have a clue as to the “metaphysical” aspects which WILL influence who we are or will become! A2
Dale Carnegie, EST, Positivity, Religious Science, you name any mind expanding/enlightenment teaching and they all point in the same direction, “change the content and direction of your mind and you will change the direction of your life”. For the good or for the bad. But, I have an addiction you might say! We are all addicted to something be it chocolate or some one special. There is such a thing as an addictive personality. There are countless of individuals who have been addicted to drugs, smoking, alcohol, gambling and one day simply changed their addiction. Some are now perhaps addicted to religion. Still an addiction but certainly a much more saner addiction. I would rather have individuals bless me every time we meet than an individual beg for a few buck for another drug hit.
This being my first article for 2014 and having just returned from a trip to Central America, I had the opportunity to see lands and people who have nothing yet they posses a clear understanding of real life. They have a clear appreciation of who they are and what blessings they have, a willingness to share, give of themselves and accept living within their means. Having to cook using a wood burning stove is a part of their life and there is cleanliness, great tasting food, a calmness and joy of living I do not see here in the United States where we have everything and expect even more! Even their daily coffee is made in a primitive manner but absolutely delicious. Starbucks is no match.
Having does not lead to happiness, internal happiness leads to external happiness. Happiness is self induced! Change your mindset and change your life!