All Substance is Related

Half ass salutes bother me. Daily I see the president exiting from Marine One, and I witness the president giving the rod straight, squared away, saluting Marine, a sloppy curved hand, wimpy fly swatting gesture, he calls a salute. You can practically read him thinking “oh, you’re still here?” Military trained men understand a salute as a sign of respect and meant to be returned in the same dignified manner. Salutes are taught, practiced and the meaning is reinforced until you “get it”. An intentional lackadaisical, sloppy salute is a clear sign of disrespect. I am certain these Marine honor guards accept the slap in the face as part of their assignment and most likely snicker at their Commander in Chiefs “boot like salute”; but as Americans we should be appalled by the simplistic uncaring arrogance.
This disrespect translates into perceptible deeds and this president along with his entire legislative congressional Democrat supporters are guilty through complicity of behavior which demeans staged support for veterans as meaningless.
The captured Marine in a Mexican prison Sgt. Tahmooressi is a clear example. While terrorists are being treated with reverence and cared for with respect, this president or his Democrat legislative representatives have never taken a stand and demanded his release from Mexico. Congressional representative Ruiz in the Coachella Valley, a rocks throw from the Mexican border has remained silent on the issue despite numerous “Open Letters” to the congressman in the newspaper demanding he at the minimum ask Mexico for Sgt. Tahmooressi’s release. Congressman Ruiz has chosen to not respond and remain silent on the troubling issue. We need to understand “no response is a response”. No response is no different from the shrug of the shoulders, the rolling of the eyes, the walking away or simply acting as if you do not exist.
The president chooses to not respond to the immigration crisis at the border instead,going to Texas and attending a fundraiser while being practically forced to seem interested in the immigration crisis. The $32,000 per couple price tag to this Texas Democrat Party fundraiser is specifically to raise funds and wine and dine with pro-illegal immigration activists. Taking the short flight to witness firsthand the crisis he has created would create bad optics according to party loyalists. “Having the President be seen in photographs surrounded by thousands of children in spaces meant for 400, in a chaotic environment would not be good”. We should all understand the importance of this presidents optics.
Obama himself has stated on national TV, “elections have consequences and I won”. Such arrogance recalls the unforgettable line in The Gladiator addressing the despotic Emperor, “the time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end”. With one third of the nation stating in a recent poll “ Obama is the worst president since WWII”, we have come a long way towards the truth. Forty-nine percent now believe we would be better off with Romney. America, elections do have consequence, let’s remember that in November 2014.
We are living in an Information Age where substance and reality escape the majority of us. We have become engrossed with instant information and we no longer decipher the path we are actually on,we are being told what to believe, rather than the truth. The president and his supporters dwell in this vacuum and take every advantage, by “never letting a crisis go to waste”. A party devoid of honesty and reflection on the principles of the constitution cannot possibly serve the nation. The neutered mainstream media who heretofore protected our interests is engaged in a conscious connivance allowing unscrupulous leaders to ignore the nations gut wrenching screams of desperation for real leadership in our nations Capitol. It certainly is time for change and November 2014 will be a good time.