A View Down the Road

Democrats are striving to come to terms with “one” political candidate for the 2016 presidential campaign. Republicans have not yet learned the lessons of years past. In the very near future Republicans will again have to contend with the five dogs and one bone intensive infighting which leaves the remaining Republican flag bearer licking his wounds while Democrats with media in tow disseminate falsehoods like breadcrumbs along the campaign trail leading to the voting booth.
Presidential elections have become predictable with Democrats exaggerating, lying and outright influencing elections with the use of union and foreign funds. Voters in general ease their conscious and pay no heed to questionable tactics with the simple refrain, “they all do it”. Any voter still possessing an ounce of reverence for the virtue of being truthful must feel a pang of anguish from lairs such as Democrat Senator Harry Reid. Reid was recently confronted on his outright lie from the Senate floor just prior to the elections about presidential candidate Romney not having paid any taxes in ten years. Reid knew it was a lie and could not be held liable for anything said from the sanctity of the Senate floor. His arrogant response this week was, “Romney didn’t win did he?” This does not only give voters a clue to the odious state of mind of Democrat leaders, it exposes a mindset from the top down.
Hillary Clinton is being set up as the Democrats flag bearer for 2016. The stars are being aligned and enough space is being established between her numerous faults, deceits and short comings to make them irrelevant. Who cares about Benghazi, millions in foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation, the destruction of thousands of e-mails from her private server while she served as Secretary of State, the killing of an American Ambassador on her watch and the countless poll driven turn arounds she has made in politics. With an estimated Billion dollars in her campaign chest, Hillary is the best positioned Democrat to take on which ever limping Republican remains after the massive beat down mostly from his own party.
The surviving Republican candidate will reflect selection by a perverse sense of logic. The extreme conservative far right will bring in their extreme right wing or no wing as they did in the last presidential election where 4 million of the far right wing stayed home and essentially gave Barack Obama the win. You can say we have Obama in the White House thanks to the extreme right who refused to support Romney. Obama should be beholding to them for giving him the win but he has the same ambivalent feelings for religious conservatives as he does for Jews. If you have not noticed and this comes as a revelation, you are stuck on the fable mode aspect of reality.
The courting of the minority vote is no mystery. We all know the black and Latino vote will largely go,to the Democrat party. The mystery is as to why? Democrats were always bitterly opposed to the civil rights agenda of the 60’s and have never given Latinos anything but lip service. But Latinos fondly relish what they say rather than what they do. Democrats will have the edge again if Religious right conservatives through default align with Democrats in destroying the Republican nominee.
Republicans are torn between supporting an extreme right or a moderate leaning conservative not understanding neither can win. The make up of today’s Republicans dictates any Republican candidate must be strong enough to support and defend America, American values, the constitution, law and order, a strong military and remain flexible on issues bordered by religion. We are a Christian nation but vacillate between hard line church goers (41%) and sometimer’s. Given a choice allows you to understand why stadiums are built to hold 50,000 and churches max out at 1,000. Wounding assaults for Republicans more often than not come from within. Democrat deals are made in advance. Hillary is simply collecting her chits, dues for favors she granted over many years in government. Democrats have a network of connectedness lacking in Republicans. The only way for us as a nation to lead our way out of the moral morass and leadership crisis we are in is for mainstream Republican voters to come together, lead, not in pretense but in actual leadership. For minorities it is incumbent to understand rhetoric from Democrats is not binding, staged and always a ploy for votes.