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A Shovel Ready State of Mind

The State of the Union Address provided a glimpse into a State of Mind of our leadership. A State of Mind devoid of reality. America is ready for the shovel ready project often found at days end inside the red barn frequented by heifers and amorous bulls. Two paragraphs were offered regarding our war against terror. Al-Qiada was not mentioned once, while ISIS was mentioned as an after thought with no association with the word terrorists. The president touted the fact he was elected twice, spent more time on advocating his intent to veto Republican measures than reaching accord on important national issues.
The puppeteer was effective as Democrats as if on queue would spring to a stand and applaud with a tickle up my leg smile on their face. Senate leader John Baeyner held his composure but it was clearly evident he was in desperate need of a barf bag.
The nation took delight in hearing our president calling for decreasing taxes on the middle class and making the first two years of college free while proclaiming he was about to send the tab to the rich. No class warfare here, no transfer of wealth scheme, only “if you like your money you can keep it” nonsense reminiscent of the fertilizer you get from your red barn shovel. It wasn’t t the exact words that were said which was troubling, it was the scent of idiocy with a serious face . He was actually applauded by a good portion of our representatives. Unfortunately, one of them was ours! Oh my, how utterly naive we have become in the prime years of our nation.
As millions of immigrants trample each other to reach and enter our nation, we as a nation meekly shrug our shoulders and ready ourselves to “someday” have a sensible plan on screening and addressing the undesirables who come here with ill intent. Millions have already arrived on our soil who have no intent on reflecting American values. They have come to set up separate islands of hyphenated Americans. They have come to change the very values which attracted them here in the first place. They have come to change us to conform with their biases, misinformation, socialistic, uninformed and backward anti-American hog wash.
Many Americans regardless of where your ancestry came from are more informed than our leadership who refuse to acknowledge we as a nation are in real trouble of losing what we and our fathers fought for. Terrorism is REAL and the beheadings, kidnappings, slaughter of innocent civilians, the execution of hundreds of children some for the crime of watching a soccer game is insane terrorism. The kidnappings of hundreds of young girls who are raped, sold into sex rings by Muslim extremists while the entire international community looks the other way is as great of an insanity as the perpetrations. The extortion of entire nations such as Japan for hundreds of millions of dollars to attempt to save the lives of citizens Islamists have captured is insanity but more insane are we who meekly accept and condone our leadership or representatives who are tone deaf to the encroaching reality.
He paid no mind to the fact the Ukraine is gearing up to defend itself against Russia, Yemen is on the verge of being or has been overthrown and ISIS is demanding ransoms from more and more nations. Our negotiations with Iran is laughable,THEY ALREADY HAVE a nuclear weapon! They just want to have a better means of massive delivery instead of a briefcase before announcing. Israel knows that and so should we. We accept a leadership functioning in a world environment beyond their competency, we have to take responsibility for being in continual denial of that fact . Frankly, we as a nation goofed to put it politely in a non racist perspective. We as a nation striving for political correctness have now inherited a political mess, a disaster waiting to be proliferated with the election of another high profile Democrat who will take the reins and run the horse in the same direction.
The State of the Union address should have been the State of the Onion address, it stinks and peel it as you may, you only have more onion. Bs coated with chocolate is still bs. Wake up before 2016!