A Clue for Harry “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK? Do I need to say more?” — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), August 10, 2010

Al Vasquez

Opinion Journalist

Harry, let me give you a glimpse of the America I know as a Hispanic. I learned I was Hispanic at an early age when my father in his WWII Navy uniform took me to a restaurant in South Texas. It was a proud moment for me. Ceremoniously, my father and I were ejected from the restaurant. There was a sign posted on the front window stating “No Mexicans allowed.” South Texas, was, is and will always be an established haven of the Democrat Party. The foundations and belief systems in South Texas are exclusively Democrat. All Latinos who live there were Democrat for their own safety. Latinos raised or living there honestly believe the inheritance of being a Democrat was truly their parent’s personal preference. In truth, it was their only choice. Portions of these Latinos have escaped to wider ranges in the United States and as if bewitched spread these “must be a Democrat” notions where ever they settle. The Democrat establishment nourishes this false belief. For me, this youthful confrontation with the Democrat inspired reality was to foretell things to come, it certainly fore told of the bias, double speak, manipulation, lack of integrity, lobbying against both civil rights bills and the falsehoods the Democrat Party has, does and will continue to foster on all Hispanics. I will save details of our burning house and escape to California for another time.
The Democrat party leads us to believe Hispanics condone abortion; in fact 82% of Hispanics do not, it is against our upbringing. The Democrat party insists we introject comfort with gay marriage; in fact Latinos in general resist the concept as contrary to our Catholic teachings. These two major objections make us more similar to Republicans.
The Democrat party advocates an anti-America bias always siding with those against America. We in fact are extremely loyal Americans who actively join in the defense of our nation as confirmed by the high number of Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients. Hispanic American citizens are not wimps; we love America, American values and defend our nation with our lives. Like Republicans we rely on our love of country to support American traditions, not political re-election polls that cause you and your party to coddle Muslim extremists openly and then pretend not to as Election Day gets closer.
The Democrat party has convinced us it is acceptable to spend what we do not have. Hispanics find this totally contrary to our philosophical mind set. The Democrat party has encouraged us to owe and borrow. We are now told it is okay to earn a nickel and spend a dime. Like Republicans we see the extreme danger of mass deficit spending.
Seventy-two percent of Hispanics many with ancestors already here when Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado were bought from Mexico favor “legal” immigration; not the irresponsible, open fence dangerous precept being carried out by the Democrat leadership. Hispanics understand the dangers of narco-terrorism, the Democrat party does not. Hispanics know 45,000 adults caught crossing the Southern border in the past 12 months were not from South America, they were from the Middle East and Asia. Hispanics are in fact fleeing from the loss of control and violence erupting in South America while the Democrat party pretends border security is a federal issue instead of a life or death issue and consistently attack individuals or states who demand safe haven in their own nation. Like Republicans, Hispanics cherish the safety of a secure America.
Democrats have established a partnership with unions. Hispanics understand the original need for unions but are fleeing the total control by corrupt unions in countries such as Mexico where the “Sindicato” controls every aspect of your life. Even the beggar on any given corner has to contend with union thugs dipping into his alms can. Democrats have taken a page from the Mexican Unions manual and are insistent in using tax money to support a similar system which will eventually control us all, right into bankruptcy or third world status we escaped from.
Democrats in power seem to believe the rich are to be discouraged, castigated, shunned and taxed, while Hispanics know they have never been employed by the poor and openly aspire to join the rich. They aspire to be the haves, rather than live day to day as a have not controlled by pseudo Robin Hood government contrived socialistic concepts. This includes the giveaway of cheese, rent subsidies, low income housing, welfare, meaningless job training and endless pork barrel projects with only one intent, to keep their constituents poor and beholding to the Democrat party. Some of us still remember the great society-war on poverty, endless spending and the creation of a second class citizenry. Any attempt by the less fortunate to improve themselves financially is immediately rewarded by ridicule and taxation for attempting to become self sufficient and take advantage of American inspired capitalism which Democrats demonize as a dirty word. America is a capitalist nation where anybody can succeed. Why do you think people die to live here? Because of the free cheese? Republican Latinos know it is not the cheese.
Cuban Hispanics of the past generation know it was President Kennedy a Democrat who left thousands of Cubans who had stormed Cuba to take their island back from Socialism stranded on the beaches without the promised air support. Thousands were killed and thousands were captured. It was not until Richard Nixon was elected that Cuban exiles had a friend in the White House. This is the reason Cuban Hispanics who still remember “why” consider themselves Republicans. Republican Cuban Hispanics know it is about integrity, honor and fidelis.
It was also Richard Nixon a Republican president who formed the Spanish Speaking Cabinet Committee, a committee which operated at the white house cabinet level to bring Latinos into the mainstream of government. Hundreds of Latinos some of whom are still serving our nation honorably owe this to Nixon. The Democrats quickly scrapped this idea after Nixon left office. “Too many Hispanics in key positions may spoil our ability to control them and their vote” was a theme openly discussed at political conclaves by Democrat leaders.
Harry, unfortunately, the majority of Hispanics do not know you and your party and new Hispanic arrivals believe Democrat stands for Democracy and that is the erroneous reason they swear allegiance to your party. Most never get past the lies and propaganda to understand the Democrat party is closer to the Socialism many of them are fleeing.
You do not know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican because you represent the problem. Democrat leaders use Hispanics to advance their agendas and lie to Hispanics. You demean Hispanics who have the audacity to confront Democrat party ideologists. Ideologists who ignore the real facts and insist we all swallow your indoctrination specifically designed to keep Latinos down, to keep Latinos under control and to keep Latinos voting Democrat; like owing your soul to the company store in return for cheese, food stamps and a speech full of promises.
Would I say,” I don’t know how anyone with an ounce of common sense can be a Democrat?” No, and I do not see all Democrats as evil nor all Republicans as good. There are the misinformed on both sides but Democrat leaders have a history of intentionally taking advantage of Latinos. Do I need to say more?